Personal Musing: 6/25/12…

Rain rain….come again….so much rain it drenches them.

Yeah, that’ll learn me. Ignore the threat of rain, it couldn’t possibly rain in late June. How stupid I was this morning when that thought went through my head. So I got soaked, despite my coat. Yay. Work went well and then I came back home. Worked on packing up and college stuffs. Ergh. That was pretty much my day. In a nutshell anyway. I’m finding myself at a loss for words today….not sure why. Oh well, let’s see what news I got for you.

Also, my Let’s Play: Breath of Death VII series is returning this week! Dunno which day, I just have to reinstall the software I use to record, edit and compress the sucker and get it all setup again. But I’m glad to be doing it again, I’ve had a really bad itch to publish episodes since I’ve been busy. Just darn real life and all of its complexities.

Tech and Gaming News:

Like the Portal turrets? Well, now you can have your very own replica of the killing machines. Heh. It’s actually very neat, and while replicas aren’t really in my interests all the time, I found this a neat project. Go check it out, if you like replicas.

Gmail for iOS got a good update for push notifications and persistent login. This should have been in the initial app, but I guess better late than never. The app is starting to look quite competent these days. I may revisit it in the future.

Not much for news today either. Ah well.

Instagram Feature:

First up is a great shot of some beach and a lot of ocean. Feat. mekster

Next up, this, apparently, power plant was venting a lot of steam during my walk to and from work and it caused a painful amount of noise. I have no idea why it happened today either…

And lastly is this great colorful flower shot from Wayne, the purple is especially appreciated for me today.

Video Feature:

Gareth has started Let’s Play of episode 5 of the Back to the Future games, it starts out very interestingly indeed.

MoonshineFox apparently passed his 200th episode in part 14 of his latest Let’s Play: Dwarf Fortress series. I need to ask him to confirm that fact though, I just saw it in one of the comments. Either way that’s pretty cool. Enjoy part 15 here:

TotalBiscuit’s Review of Rampage Rollercoaster is interesting, and the concept intrigues me but the game itself just doesn’t live up to what I would have liked to have seen in a game like that. Graphics are lacking, menus are a bit of a mess and it looks like some bugs exist. It is a pity too, I might have gone after it had it been better, but this game looks like a concept more than an actually good game.

And because why not, the ending episode of Season 2 of the Dragon Ball Z Abridged parody series. I laughed quite a few times in this one, though I should mention it helps if you watch the Abridged series from the beginning to get some of the jokes.

To round it out, here is a cute kitty: just because.

(Oops, hope Al doesn’t come after me for trademark infringement ;))

Until next time…


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