Personal Musing: 6/24/12…

Bleep bloop, bloop bleep beep. Blap, bleop, blop? bleep blop bloop.

Chirp bleep bloop, bloop. Bloop? Blop? Chirp? Blloooooo…….. Sorry about that, was speaking R2D2 there. Forgot to switch my circu..I mean brain back to English. So how was your weekend? Good? Good. I hope it was good, otherwise I feel bummed for you. :(. Anywho, back to my weekend. I went and visited my cousin’s HS graduation party and got to chat with him and my other cousin for a while. Also visited my aunt before we went to that party. After that, I returned home to my parent’s house and watched Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. What. An. Awful. Movie. It is just awful. I really need to see a better movie to improve my mood (towards movies) right now, that movie…ugh. It makes the first one much more enjoyable to watch by comparison. I mean, ok, my expectations for the sequel to the original Ghost Rider wasn’t exactly high, but I couldn’t believe just how bad this movie was. And its not that it suffers from sequelitis, its just bad. Idk, anyway. Besides that, it was mostly chilling with parents and brothers, watching Netflix and enjoying the new update to Flipboard. Flipboard getting Google+ and YouTube really made it a solid app for me. So I’ve been messing around, reading and enjoying the content it provides. Might even replace “Reeder” which used to handle my RSS feeds, but after an update which removed a lot of functionality…I’m less than happy with said app. We’ll see.

So I’m back in my apartment. One of my rommates moved out for the summer and I’m next this week. So I’ve already started by boxing stuff up and deciding what stays, goes and gets thrown in the trash. The next year or so should be interesting to say the least. I’m not doing any news type stuff tonight, if you want to see what I found interesting, check out my Google+ or Twitter feeds as I talked about that stuff already. I didn’t save much for the blog and I’m feeling lazy tonight ;). Other than that, it’s time to get back into the flow of things this week. My main things I’m hoping to work on this week is better exercise, moving out and finishing up some decisions on my schooling. That…”story” is a little longer than I really want to talk about heh.

Instagram Feature:

We have a lot today so I hope you enjoy this photos. I’ve also started following a few more ppl on Instagram to expand the photo selections. I’m planning on doing more of this in the future. Also, Twitter picture features is still being debated right now. So I hope you enjoy these selections.


First up is my buddy Rick’s shot of the sky one day, it looks quite pretty indeed.


I was watching Ghost Rider 2 and our cat Molly was on my lap sleeping and twitching. Its always amusing when she does that.

This picture of all these Star Trek DVDs has a nice sense of…something, can’t describe it. (spaltor pic)


I think this is a sunset…nathan isn’t specific in this post and I can’t remember if he said anything on FB about it and I’m too lazy to check ;).

This is an awesome and colorful photo from talespodcast of a small little waterfall. I’m curious where he took it from.

This shot of a gothic-style church (yay for that art class teaching me something) looked pretty neat, I have no idea which one it is though…

And we end out the features with this shot of the rain I did earlier today. This turned out way better than I thought it would.

Video Feature:

So I watch Angry Joe reviews once in a while, and this review of Lollipop Chainsaw was surprisingly positive towards the game. I figured he would rip this game a new one because let’s face it, it looks like a bad game if you base it off of its cover. Granted, we shouldn’t do that, but with games, sometimes you just can’t help it. But it seems its not quite that bad. I won’t ever pick it up though, score attack games are not my genre. Still, always interesting to get a perspective on a game like this. So here’s the review:

Next up, I found this extremely cute video of a kitty, I hope you enjoy 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, more to come this week and I hope you all have an awesome week.


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