Personal Musing: 6/21/12…

Flipping and chowing and……….I dunno.

Thursday, thursday, thursday. Idk what to say about today other than it was just a normal day. This week is going by at a fast rate and I can barely keep up on my todo list. Its crazy how fast time has flown. I’m just trying to get ready for Fall term as best as I can while looking for a job and that hasn’t been easy. Oh well, what can I say. Today’s “what I did” is going to be short, because there just isn’t much to talk about. Ah well. Oh I guess I did reinstall Windows on my PC and its back up and running, though there are a few things I have yet to do. I’ll fix those as I get to them. But so far it seems to be running better and start up no longer takes a century to do, even with Steam booting up at the same time. I do wish I had a faster processor, but oh well, I guess in due time. I haven’t seen any of the odd errors or problems crop up from the last build so that’s good. Overall, it went well, except for a slight iTunes bug. No loss of data, just took some work to fix it back to normal.

Only a scant amount of Tribes Ascend and Orcs Must Die, oh and some Nitronic Rush. No real comments on those today.

Tech and Gaming News:

Flipboard for iOS had some major new features added tonight. First, it is now available on Android for free which is great. I’ve been using Flipboard as my news collector and am very pleased with its performance and this latest update that I’ll talk about in a moment is a great enhancement. There are some minor quirks I hope the app will fix, but all in good time. Next up, Flipboard is now integrated with Google+, the first app outside of Google’s to have that and it works pretty well. It doesn’t have editing or deleting of personal posts, but it allows for sharing and plusing and reading of your G+ feed and its well done. It also came with YouTube integration and that looks to be a fairly decent addition to the app as well. The sheer amount of content available on Flipboard is rather stellar. Check out all the details in this official blog post by Flipboard here:

So this woman in Greece was verbally harassed to the point of tears by….well…I hesitate to call them human beings. Someone on the internet found out and the video of the harassment went crazy viral. I have not seen said video, but I’m pretty sure the kids will see some severe punishment and apparently its ugly to watch. But that wasn’t all, someone else on the interwebs started a fundraiser to send this woman on vacation. A $425,000+ vacation to be exact o_O. I’m….kind of shocked it got that high. When I first heard about the fundraiser, it was somewhere around $20,000. For it to jump that high is…well, amazing and yet, really? $400,000? I can get behind $20,000 and she gets a very nice vacation but $400,000? That’s overdoing it and I kind of wish that went somewhere or someone else’s way. (I refuse to say charities). I’m just saying, be generous to more than one person if you have that much $$. Make a lot of people’s days. We could all use some cheering up during these rough times.

Yay, its time for beat-the-dead-horse-that-is-diablo-3 time. Yup, it is back and better than ever. Now when you buy the game, you only get to play the Trial version for three days of the game you just paid for. The game you just paid for, you only get to play the TRIAL version. I’m sorry, WHAT?! Cmon Blizzard, this is getting insane, it feels like your competing with EA for most-evil-company of 2012 at this point. Do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself getting your pants sued off over this decision. This decision by the way was to “combat fraud accounts” and making sure the account is using a legitimate credit card. So the answer of course is to make everyone suffer. Nice. *facepalm*

Reading Rainbow is now back on the iPad and is hosted by Levar Burton. I had the story for this originally, but apparently they took it down so…I’m just going to assume this happened. Heh, so anyway, it seems that its finally launched after getting cancelled due to government budget cuts so I’m glad to see it back, I used to watch it as a child and more encouraging of reading the better.

Instagram Feature:

iced tea

Up first is this shot of iced tea from moyer777. I just liked how it looked.

lens flare #210

So I posted this to Instagram and it got a couple likes so I figured I’d feature it. Its another Lens Flare I took on my walk.

lens flare #79

This is my favorite of the Lens Flare bunch that I took recently so I had to feature it tonight.

Video Feature:

Its hard not to like danisnotonfire videos. I will say in reply to the subject of fan-fiction that he talks about, I think the weirdest fanfic I have ever heard of was TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox fanfic….I have not looked into that at all, my imagination is already horrified at the thought of what they could be…*shudder*

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