Personal Musing: 6/18/12…

Sweetness, devils and pancakes, the world is nigh. Was that a bullet?

Some days my brain concerns me…anyway, hello. Short and sweet Personal Musing tonight because this day has gone by blisteringly fast and I want to get my computer ready for a complete reinstall tonight. Its a year overdue but with the now-located OS disc I can now do it. Though the lateness of the hour makes me think I’ll start on it tomorrow morning. Just, so crazy how time flies. But yeah, I’m doing this early so I can devote the next several hours focused on that. Today was pretty good though, work went well and I tried the bus route. Now while the bus route only takes about 20-30mins, the bus that stops near my apartment leaves at awkward times so by the time it all works out, I have to leave an hour before work to catch it and it takes an hour to get back from work. I’m thinking I’m just going to walk (except on bad weather days) to work. This helps me get my exercise in and I don’t have to wait around for the stupid bus heh. The walk is about 50mins as well due to where my job is located. Oh well, first world problems and all that. Also, there is a noticeable difference in atmosphere between my original bus and the one I took. It was…disconcerting to say the least. After work I stopped in, found a competent advisor and got the next couple of years worked out. Its looking difficult, but I guess if it was easy, well, everyone would do it, right? It will be interesting either way. I’m just glad to have finally worked the kinks out of it.

Tech and Gaming News:

Microsoft announced their new “Surface” tablet today, complete with Windows 8 and made it out to be the challenger to the iPad. Which I hope MS realizes they have to contest the iPad in everyway or get their ass kicked just like Motorola and BlackBerry’s tablets got kicked. This 10.6″ screened machine with a keyboard is certainly intriguing, but the lack of any hardware specs makes it hard for me to say whether its good or bad. That and my concerns about Windows 8 being a subpar update compared to Win 7…idk. Time will tell. I will probably be talking about this tablet later this week in further depth, I just, frankly, haven’t had the time to look into it.

EA is still suffering from foot-in-mouth disease apparently. As most of their games on Origin are now on deep sales, which contradicts their previous statement that their games on Origin will never go on deep, 75%+ sales because it “devalues” their intellectual property. EA. Your making it too easy for me to take shots at you. And then they wonder why people hate them so much, well, if they would actually stand by what they said, I don’t think we would have such an issue but now, this pretty much proves that anything they say is probably a lie. Sad to see a company like this. Sorta. Although it is amusing on the other hand watching this train wreck of a PR they have. 😉

Instagram Feature:

Train & Grafetti

Not too many Instagrams today, but this neat shot of the side of a train car with Graffiti was cool to look at. (feat: Trevorfox57)

Video Feature:

And then to end the day, this funny show by wilsontech1 about free money coming out of an ATM. I laughed so many times, this guy is just cool and hilarious to watch his vid blogs. I don’t tend to follow video blogs, but so far I’ve enjoyed the content he’s produced. Plus, a laugh a day keeps the people with white jackets away. 😉

Well…. by short and sweet I mean regular size because I clearly can’t control myself when I start writing. Oh well, hope you enjoyed and until next time…


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