Personal Musing: 6/17/12…

Lazy days and raining summers….

Rain in summer…sheesh, we should be able to fine Mother Nature everytime that happens. Hmm, maybe I should start a petition….but that would be a bad idea as she’d start trying to strike me with lightning and nothing good ever comes of that. Anyway…welcome back to the personal musing of my mind. Why you want to keep reading what comes from my mind is a bit beyond me, but hey your here ;). So this past weekend was Father’s Day and it was quite the interesting Father’s Day weekend. Initially started out with my brother’s graduation ceremony, where I presented a slideshow that I had worked on for many months of my brother. It was well received by the gathering of family and friends that attended so I’m pretty happy about that, given how much work it took. So, I started working on it back in January and 125 slides later, finished it on my Keynote app for iPad. It was 25mins (give or take) long and selecting the songs was pretty difficult too. So a lot of work and a lot of applause. Yay :). After the party, I toured my brother’s fire-station where he works and then just sat around at home with family talking and such. To finish it out I did some cleanup on my Dropbox and also managed to locate my Windows 7 Disc which is good, as it means I can do a complete reinstall on my computer later this week. Its been two years at least so I think its a bit overdue. Hopefully it takes care of some issues I’ve been running into. The next day I did a bunch of lazying around with my Dad and brothers, at one point watching Valor of Honor which was actually pretty good, if it had a sad end. But yes, we were very lazy on Sunday for Father’s Day so…that worked out for everyone hehehe. I hope everyone had a good father’s day as well.

I finished Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective this weekend and I am generally happy with the game. It had plenty of content, a good story with a mystery element, and some tricky puzzles to get past. I can’t really talk too much about it because I would feel I would spoil it, but as a port for a game, this has to be one of the better ported-games I’ve played in a while. So go give it a check, it has the first two chapters free. All-in-all, very happy with it. After I finished Ghost Trick, I tried my hands at the latest update to Infinity Blade II, but ran into lack of SFX, forced-Facebook integration (which apparently spams your friend’s feeds with worthless posts) and other issues and I retrashed the app yet again. Pretty disgusted with that app all things considered, I’ve barely gotten any value out of it and its had more bugs than most games ever should on the iOS platform. Now, I look at my iOS game library and I have no games left to finish. Which is in stark contrast to my PC which has a library full of stuff to complete. I think that speaks volumes about the current iOS pickings. I would like to hear suggestions, but in the mean time…yeah. Not impressed right now…

Instagram Feature:


So going home meant I got to see our silly cat Molly and she does this sometimes when she’s sleeping. So silly.


So…apparently this sign exists somewhere in the world…erm…wow…sad. (feat: billybob476)


Al took this pretty cool shot of a cactus. An interesting style, don’t you think?

Moyer Family

And to wrap up this week’s featured photos, is the photo of a whole bunch of Moyers. That is a big family there, but I’m pretty sure we could beat them in numbers 😉

Video Feature:

So didn’t have many to choose from, so I’m going to put in this abridged episode of Dragon Ball Z. Not quite as funny as the last episode, but it had some good zingers there, imo.

So until next time, I’m going to sleep now. zzzzzzz.


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