Personal Musing: 6/15/12…

Workstations….sun and flowers….swords

Its Friday, and thank goodness for it. I’m heading home this weekend to my brother’s graduation party where I’ll be showing a slideshow. Its taken quite a few hours to work on, but its pretty much ready to go. Right now I’m just debating on the music playlist that’ll play along with it and its between a few songs right now. I’ll figure it out. I also sold off my books from the last couple of terms and sold all but three, which I suspect one of them won’t be sellable, I bought it used and it looks pretty bad heh. Guess I’ll look into Amazon and whether they’ll buy it back. Other than the slideshow, I’ve been mostly relaxing I suppose. Can’t be an exciting day everyday. Job is going very well too.

Played some Portal 2 and A Valley Without Wind tonight, though not much of either because I got distracted by chatting with a friend of mine hah.

Got surprised by the movie industry today. That never happens, but basically, the movie industry released a service called “Ultraviolet” as their idea of tackling iTunes head on. It…hasn’t been nearly that successful obviously. But one of the ways they were attempting to power-play on iTunes was by forcing everyone’s digital copies to only work on UV instead of iTunes as it had been for a couple years. Many months ago this backfired on them as the UV service was absolutely terrible and they had to refund a lot of digital copies on iTunes, probably costing them more $$ than they wanted. So I was given a digital copy of “The Grey” but I almost had no hope that it would redeem on iTunes. Much to my surprise iTunes accepted the code and now I have a copy of it. That really surprised me as I figured that UV would have had a firm grip on the digital copies by this point, because the movie industry is usually pretty thick about listening to the demands of its customer base. It was a pleasant surprise, because I do not want a UV account. So that was nice to find out.

Tech and Gaming News:

Civilization V is now in Steam Workshop for easier modding adding and managing. I was initially surprised by this because I thought I heard that Civ 5 wouldn’t support modding, but I guess I mixed up the games. So if you have Civ 5 on Steam, you should probably check out the workshop. I’ve been using it for Portal 2 and its a very nice feature. Civ 5 is the seventh game to join the workshop, with Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, Skyrim, Dota 2, Dungeons of Dredmor and Naval War Arctic Circle being the other six.

EA wants to expand the audience of Dead Space 3. They also want to sell 5 million copies or otherwise they’ll consider the franchise dead. Well, considering DS2 sold 2million copies, I’d say the franchise is screwed. I can’t believe it will require five million sales in order to keep the franchise going, is it really costing them that much to make the game? Idk, just seems like yet more stupidity from the EA machine.  And now that DS3 is basically competing with other FPSes, its future certainly doesn’t look. I have a hard time believing it’ll keep its horror element with co-op play and other changes.

PopCap is canceling Bejeweled Blitz on Google+, probably due to lack of interest. I definitely don’t play G+ games, but that’s not saying anything as I don’t play FB games anymore either but I’m still a bit surprised that obviously lack of players caused them to pull support of the game on the platform. It will definitely be harder to spam players into playing on G+, because, well, Google did the right thing by not allowing our feeds to be spammed full of the game notifications. Bad enough I have to block FB notifications every other week due to games…

Instagram Feature:

Trying a slight tweak to Instagram photos today.

From Mekster on Instagram comes this really fun shot in front of a giant dish.

Today we have a double feature from moyer777, the first one being a really awesome shot of this yellow flower. It just was well taken.

This great shot of Rick’s cat had to be included as well today hah.

Video Feature:

Today’s feature is Freeman’s Mind (specifically episode 42). This comedy machinima follows the thoughts of Dr. Gordon Freeman as he makes his way through Black Mesa in the original Half Life game. If, that is, he’s actually a neurotic personality. Its a hilarious series and one of the oldest machinima series that I’m aware of right now. Well, not as old as say RoosterTeeth, but its certainly been a long one, yet still quite funny and this one was, well, dam funny. 😉 If you wish to watch from the beginning, head here: you can also subscribe to just those videos too.

Until next time readers, I hope you have an awesome weekend!


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