Personal Musing: 6/14/12…

Finals finally final…

Well, hello again and welcome back to this giant personal musing. Skipping a few days does that to me lol. Finals for Spring Term are finally over. Now I can focus on more important things, like what shall I eat for dinner tonight, Pizza or Burgers, hahaha. The next couple of years are going to be interesting as I dive into my degree…this last year was pretty rough…but I think this focus will help straighten a lot of the problems I’ve been having with college, namely disinterest. So here’s hoping. No idea what my grades are right now, just waiting for the teachers. I had meant to do a PM yesterday, but I got distracted by a game for more hours than I thought I would and by the time I thought about doing a post, well, it was already 12 in the morning and I decided to write it off till tomorrow. Apparently “rebooting” from Spring finals took more time than I thought but hey, I’m back and writing again and today I got a lot to talk about, feature and muse upon. Also been working on a 120 slide powerpoint and that’s been a long project to work on, but its coming to an end very soon. Have been working on where I’m going to live for the next couple months/years too, that’s been….an adventure.

I’ve also been cleaning up some productivity issues that I’ve been finding in my work flow and once again ironing them out. I also cleaned out a lot of school files off my iDevices that I just didn’t need so now Goodreader looks a lot cleaner. I’m also looking at cutting the last thing that my iPhone/Pad need to sync up for, which is photo sync. I’m hoping I can find a mod in the jailbreak community that will let me sync Dropbox photos. If I can do that, I can be completely cut free and without any need to sync. Also been reworking my Todo list so that it works better for what I need and that I don’t skip adding things to it, which I’ve been catching myself doing and that’s bad. Tsk tsk. tl;dr: trying to be more productive. Heh.

No news on my Let’s Play series just yet, I just haven’t been able to devote any time to it yet. The plan with the blog though is to publish two podcast reviews and a YouTube review soon. I can’t really say much about videogame reviews right now, I could publish one tomorrow, could be next week, it all just depends on time. But I am looking at doing another one soon as well. Also hoping to fix up Tower of Darkness and get Tower of Light out of beta over the next couple of weeks. My next “Musing/Thought” post will be about the website GetGlue so you’ll see that soon. So yeah, plenty of content is coming for the blog. I am deliberately not setting dates because I always seem to miss them. So no point in making any at this point lol.

Gaming, yesterday I played a lot of “Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective” on my iPad, that’s a really fun game which is surprising as the developer is Capcom and let’s just say…I don’t agree with a lot of what they do…and the past couple of days has been random sessions of Tribes: Ascend, although very short as I had to study obviously. Tonight I shall be playing L4D2, I hope, in my weekly session with the game.

But really, I’m just glad this term is over. Summer time should be interesting…but I can’t wait. Finally get some time to enjoy the weather.

Tech and Gaming News:

Wowsers, there is a lot of stuff in this….let’s get to it then shall we?

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm units were announced recently. They look rather diverse and should change up the tactics currently being used. I do question whether Protoss should get another flying unit that can long-range attack both ground and air units. Idk. We’ll see. Either way, looking forward to watching some more SC2 competition later this year.

Apparently playing Civilization II for 10 years can lead to some really nasty wars and other unpleasant things. This player currently has a three-way war going and its at a bit of a stand off. I find it fascinating that he played it for so long, but I gotta say, our future isn’t looking so good if we go by this game x_X.

Valve has unleashed the Potato Sack reunion upon us. The bundle is rather interesting. You can buy 13 indie games for the low price of $19.99. Just looking through the list, I’d say that Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Defense Grid: The Awakening, and Super Meat Boy are worth going after. Maybe the others are, but they didn’t really catch my interest. This bundle is a bit heavy for $19.99, but if your just starting out on PC/Indie games, this would be a great pack to start out and figure out which genres of games you did/didn’t like.

So…there’s this article: RPS Tropes Vs. Women. Go read the article because I can’t really summarize it too well so here are my thoughts (to be read after you’ve read that): I’m….disgusted that people did this to her. That they threaten to beat her, to rape her and all sorts of nasty things. I’m a gamer and I know all too well the terrible sexism that goes on in videogames. Fighting-genre games exemplify this to the largest extreme. Granted, men stereotyping isn’t a lot better. (Considering there are two common ones: Big beefy guy with no personality/feelings or extreme uber nerd who’s scared of his own shadow). But realistically, this was just… wrong to put her through all that vile crap. It really shouldn’t be an “accepted” norm of the internet, which granted I’m guilty of writing these people off as trolls and just ignore them…but as a society we need to figure this out. I don’t have the answers to this, I wish I did. It just saddens me that we can’t have a mature conversation about social topics like this without everyone losing it. Its why I do not talk about politics on this blog. So yeah….

Still using IE7? Despite the fact that there are browsers out there that are tons better? Heck, even IE9 is out right now. No? Well, here’s what you do. First, slap yourself in the face. Then slam your face into your desk until you download Chrome, Firefox or even Safari. Still won’t listen to me? Well then, someone came up with a creative idea for making you update your IE7. He’s going to tax you. hates IE7 so much they are forcing anyone that uses IE7 on their website to pay a tax when they purchase items. Yup, you heard me right and its the most awesome thing. Seriously. Ok, really if your still using IE7 now, you really should not be. And it costs developers a lot of time to fix their website for the aging browser so yeah, I don’t blame them for placing a tax on people. It is better than just outright banning you hah. I found this article just too funny when I read it last night.

From the weird news department….apparently Former President George Bush’s head is in the Game of Thrones TV show as a head on a pike. From an episode in season 1….yeah….apparently the producers just had the head lying around so they used it as a prop simply to save money and it was not make a political statement.  Ok, I get that, your trying to save money, totally fine with that. My question is: why do you have a George Bush head in your inventory? Next question: does it talk and is it on a stick?  (10 points to those who get the reference).  I’m tempted to go rewatch that episode its in and see how much it is in the show, but I’m willing to bet its barely seen if we’re JUST hearing about that now. But suffice it to say…it’s just weird.

The Humble Indie Bundle V reached over Five Million Dollars and sold nearly 600,000 bundles. Holy moly that’s a lot of sales. Congrats to them and I can’t wait to see what they put out next, I’m sure it will be awesome.

The recent Laura Croft videogame trailer has stirred a lot of controversy…I don’t know much about it tbh so I can’t give much of an opinion on it, but I’ll link this interesting take on it from a female perspective on it and I thought she had some great points on the trailer: HERE.

And finally, A Valley Without Wind is getting 1.1 and Chris from Arcen had some rather long thoughts about the game and how it performed after release and also what is included in the new 1.1 free DLC. You can read them: HERE. I’m enjoying the game quite a bit, though I had to let it sit for a while. Due to finals and such so I’ll be glad to chew on the new content that has since come out.

Instagram Feature:

First up is a picture from a walk I took, this shot of a bridge over a river turned out a lot better than I expected. 🙂

From waynehenderson is a photo of some “Freeway Daisies in the Yard”. Its quite a neat looking photo.

And last, but certainly not least is a photo from moyer777 of his “joseph coat rose”. I like the orangey look to it.

Video Feature:

A Valley Without Wind hits 1.1 as I mentioned earlier with many new features, new monsters to fight and new places to see and along with it is this trailer. I hope you enjoy. There really is too much to talk about what’s new so go see the link about what’s new in 1.1 above.

Epic Rap Battles of History step it up with a new song getting Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to face off against each other. Its a great song and very funny. (Slight cussing).

And I leave you with this great song by Pomplamoose – Don’t Stop Loving Me. Really, its great. Go watch it.

And until next time, I hope you all have enjoyed this mega-Personal Musing, back to our regularly scheduled writings tomorrow :D.


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