Personal Musing: 6/11/12…

Apples, silver and linen…

Today was certainly an interesting day. Started off with the Apple Keynote for WWDC which introduced new OSes, updated hardware and other goodies, at least for those that like tasting the fruit. For those that are more into mechanical things….well, you have your events. Seriously, I can eat my technology, I mean, its Apple. Tasty stuff. Anyway, fruit jokes aside, I worked, studied, sent off a package for a friend of mine, got some groceries, and then studied/procrastinated for the rest of the day. Pretty typical for studying for tests hah. Also started running today. So its been a day. I can’t wait for finals to be over. Also got some information on alternative bus routes thanks to friends on FB because my bus route I have been using all year for school shuts down for the summer at the end of the week. Ugh. Because, my life wasn’t complicated enough as it is. It looks like I can take a 2-bus route to my job so hopefully that works. Not much for gaming today, finals and all.

Tech and Gaming News:

So I’m not really going to go in-depth on the WWDC Apple keynote today because honestly, that’s more for the tech sites who go more in depth on it. I’ll just cover some of it and my general thoughts. Which really, the keynote pretty much showed us what Apple is really focused on improving this time around. Siri, Macs and iCloud. The Mountain Lion OS stuff was unsurprising as they had pretty much told us all of what was to come, well, except that its $20, which is really really cheap for an OS desktop upgrade. Its pretty obvious Apple wants Siri to be the new voice of Apple and the future. I really don’t have much of an opinion on Siri because I don’t own a device that has (or will have) Siri, yet. The refocus on Macs is not too surprising with the imminent release of Windows 8 later this year. This is Apple saying what they have to offer for desktop users, which looking at Windows 8…might be a really smart move. The retina-screen on the Macbook Pro was interesting to see and this new ultra-thin notebook is pretty cool that our technology has gotten that thin. However, the tradeoff is that we lost the 17inch Macbook pro which is really surprising that Apple did away with that. I wonder if that’s such a good idea in the long run.

The new iOS 6 is pretty iterative for the OS. A lot of it was focused on Siri, improving a lot of the settings in the background (which is really appreciated) and an overhaul of the Maps app. Whether the new Maps app is a good idea or not will be decided when iOS 6 is pushed out later this fall. I am, however, glad to see turn-by-turn instructions built into the Maps app as that has been long overdue. The new Safari syncing tabs via iCloud will be much appreciated. I am glad they are also overhauling the functionality of the App/iTunes/Book Store to make it better to use, its been needing that. Facebook baked into iOS 6 is…well, I guess not that surprising considering Twitter has been in there for a while now. I think I would be more excited about FB integration if I actually trusted FB more. I really don’t, especially compared to Twitter. Shared photo streams?…idk, we’ll see how much this is used, I’m a bit doubtful. I just wish Apple had worked on some of the problems the photo app has right now, but…what can you do. So there you go, lots of words about Apple.

And that’s it really, there just wasn’t much else to talk about, no doubt due to WWDC. Well, gaming just wasn’t that interesting, its still cooling down after the E3 event.

Instagram Feature:

Goes to moyer777 for this really great shot of nature on a beautiful day :).

Video Feature:

Hmm, ok, I lied about gaming news x_X…..yeah…so Tribes: Ascend just announced their 5th update and wow it is massive. 27 new weapons? That is a significant amount of new stuff to chew into and I’m glad to see them trying to work on the slowness of gaining new stuff in the game. Whether it feels improved I guess will be shown in the coming weeks as I play the game. I’m just glad they are experimenting with the F2P model, so many other developers just won’t touch it once they’ve released it, unless its to make it worse…. So linked below is the developer talking about the latest update to Tribes: Ascend. Its looking rather epic.

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