Personal Musing: 6/9/12…

Rage, Sun, Fury, Swords swing…and at the end of the day….nothing.

Saturday has been perhaps the most eventful day in recent memory I’ve had. I got home from my original home today, got some nice Tribes Action in, went to a park and enjoyed a BBQ with friends, then came home and got caught up on some things. I guess to me its eventful, what can I say. Did a little homework today, but I pushed it off to tomorrow, which I’m fine with. I’ve still got plenty of time to get it done. I hope. I don’t think its occurred to me that I’ve finished Spanish hah. I am really tired today. Went to one of the local parks for several hours today, forget how many, unimportant, and there was a nice Taco dinner with other stuff and then we hung out, played basketball, threw Frisbee, other fun stuff and the day was gorgeous for it too. It was a nice little get together with the group called the Navigators. I at least had fun anyway. Yesterday, on a quick side note, was my brother’s graduation ceremony from High School. The ceremony went well and afterwards I got to catch up with aunts and uncles for a bit before we had to get back to our “real lives” heh. So a pretty good weekend all things considered.

Gaming Stuff:

A game called “Clang” is currently being developed, with its entire focus being on the most immersive and realistic swordplay possible. I am quite intrigued and they have a kickstarter in order to raise funds for this incredibly complex project. I would like to see swordplay enhanced to a new and more immersion level as guns have been for the past half decade or so. As it is, most swordplay is basically press a button, sword swings and we move on. The most “realistic” sword play game I think was Infinity Blade and that’s still no where good enough. I would love to support this project if I had extra cash but alas, I don’t. So give it a look over if your really into swordplay. This project looks very exciting and the fact that it has the CEO of Valve in the video raised my eyes. It is an incredibly ambitious project though. Swordplay is incredibly complex and for it to be immersive, the only way it could possibly be done is via motion controls, and let’s face it, those just aren’t up to par just yet. But maybe these guys can do it, who knows. It is rather interesting that a successful writer is heading this project up, but hey, I guess if your successful, why not do something ambitious. Hah.

Instagram Feature:

From moyer777, comes this close up of Miles, one of his cats. Miles rarely gets pictured and this one is a good shot.

Video Feature:

This one is a bit of a niche video, but this has got to be one of the weirdest games I’ve run across and the guy who plays it is hilarious to listen to…the whole game is just odd. Anyway, bit of a long video but if your interesting in odd games, well, give it a look.

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