Personal Musing: 6/7/12…

Thursdays, though art?

Yup, it is indeed Thursday. Woohoo, the end is in sight at last. Well, almost. Today, we finally got a schedule going for my job and I’m ok with it. Tomorrow is my last spanish oral exam, so that’s what I’ll be doing for most of the day (joy). One annoyance today was hitting businesses after they had already closed. Happened to me twice, kind of annoying. Oh well, there’s tomorrow. Hmm…what to say about today, not much tbh. It kinda just flew on by. Tomorrow is probably going to fly on by much harder. Its my brother’s graduation so I’m going to be traveling to that. And then traveling right back here Saturday…oof….oh and I guess I got my final from my 3rd class, its a 4-page double-spaced essay….x_x. And here I was hoping I could write content for the blog this weekend. That’s looking iffy at this point. Oh well, nearly out of the woods….and into the frying pan because I need to move soon. ERK LIFE. ūüėČ

Shooters was the gaming theme for today. My weekly session of L4D2 was very enjoyable, and while my team was losing at first in a 3V3 versus campaign, we turned it around at the end and won. It was quite awesome and fun.¬†That was the 2nd team though, the first team I was on the losing side and it was a bit brutal x_x. I was also on fire though, doing the most damage to the survivors quite a number of times as the undead. All in all, a fun evening of killing zombies. Also played some Tribes: Ascend earlier and did pretty well. I am enjoying the Brute class quite a bit, both on defense and offense, though I’m finding that if the opposing defense adapts to my attacks, switching to the Juggernaut helps. And I did pretty well in one match, even got a classic spree going which is usually pretty difficult for me.

The News:

With the recent hackings of late on websites, well, I can only recommend a few things: 1) use strong passwords that are easy to remember. 2) Look into password management software, like “Lastpass” or “Keepass”, among many others. I pretty much have to use one (Lastpass) because my college alone requires me to have four different passwords and there is no way in heck I’m remembering those on top of everything else. So instead of having to remember four passwords+, I just have to remember one, very strong password. But if nothing else, just don’t use really weak passwords for your important websites, which includes email, banking and others. Anyway, this is my “PSA” for today as I’m still hearing about people using “password” as their password. No…just…no.

Mapquest launched 3.0 for iOS and wow, the little I used of it, it is an incredible update. Redesigned UI, Heads-up Display and improved voice performance for the turn-by-turn navigation pretty much prevents me, at the moment, from deleting the app. I was coming pretty close to doing so, Mapquest’s support had seemed limited and the app’s problems were starting to irk me. Hopefully this 3.0 version is as good as it looks. Its free yes, but even free stuff shouldn’t suck heh.

Humble Indie Bundle V just added three new games for those that bought it already, and for those that have yet to get it. Pay over the average price to get: Super Meat Boy (Awesome, but incredibly hard, in the good way), Braid (Its ok, but not my thing) and Lone Survivor (haven’t played it, and it doesn’t really interest me). Its a nice set of games, its just a pity I already have 2 of the 3 and the third one, just doesn’t pique my interest to play it. So I’m thinking of giving these away to someone…will think on it.

Something I forgot to talk about yesterday, probably because I was on an EA rampage ;), was recent reports from the Dark Souls game developers. Basically, Dark Souls is going to be a very crappy port to the PC. It won’t be optimized, it won’t fix any of the problems the consoles had, it’ll likely come with shoddy options for PC, but the upside is we get 10 hours of content! ¬†10 hours of content in a crappy-ported-game for the PC, with Games for Windows Live….and no¬†optimization, yeah, anyone else see the problem? This is pretty much a no-win scenario for us PC gamers. If we buy a ton of copies to support the game, then this will encourage other developers to do crappy ports in the future, including these guys. If we don’t, then the developer will just say “Well, you guys apparently didn’t want it that badly, we won’t bother again”. I mean….wow, what a headache. I am of the opinion we shouldn’t buy this game. If the devs aren’t unwilling to put the time and effort into at least making a decent port, then just don’t bother and save us all the trouble. As it is, I can see this game getting a lot of bad reviews for its issues and problems, especially on the PC. Way to go guys, your just setting this up to fail.

Instagram Feature: 

From danniedavies23 comes this slightly creepy picture of a tree with an eye on it. Its kind of unsettling, seeing that eye there.

From me, the sun came out right at the end of my walk and I was able to snag this lens flare, thin as it might be. It was rather cloudy today.

Video Feature:

Would have to be from wilsontech1 today, I found this discussion about FB amusing and thought provoking…

And that’s it, hope you enjoyed and until next time…


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