Personal Musing: 6/2/12…

Feel Good Saturdays…

I really love today. Today was a recharge in many ways, which was good considering its coming up on Dead Week in college and the usual response is PANIC PANIC STRESSSSS. Well, had some stress earlier, but meh, I’ll get over it. But no, today was the exact opposite of stress/panic and more goodwill and relaxation. I got almost all of my IT homework done, just one problem I’m running into that I can’t solve, and am currently contacting the professor about it. That was true while I was writing the post, but I fixed the problem midway through writing this post so yay! Done with that homework. And I am already half way through the five page paper for my art class. That’s going a lot quicker than I expected. Those should be done by tomorrow afternoon, giving me time to start the heavy study session of Spanish for the next 4 days. Yay…I can’t wait…but in any case, its progressing along. Once spanish is done with, I’ll be happy about that. So today I was able to do something nice for a friend of mine, I saw how successful the two Indie Bundles were doing and saw a really touching video (which I’ll be featuring below) and it just really recharged my spirit. Its great to see that the gaming community as a whole is generous and giving. And that makes me happy. While I might complain and rage about the gaming AAA companies that screw us over with shady business practices, I was reminded today why I fight so hard against them. That’s because the community as a whole is something special. While it may not be perfect (lord knows it isn’t…) my faith is renewed in the community at large. Other than that, I had a good day. Let’s bring on more good days, shall we?

Tribes: Ascend and Amnesia: The Dark Descent (demo) were on the list for the day. I probably played a little too much of Tribes than I should have today, but screw it, I need a break sometime!!  😉  But I made up for it by working hard later. Moonshine Fox gave me an .ini file that improved the performance of the game for me. Basically, I was running into a ton of lag while playing which makes it incredibly difficult to shoot and kill people. So the .ini file changes settings in the game to improve performance. I can’t say I’m really happy about losing dynamic lighting. The maps and characters are now darker and the maps don’t look nearly all that great anymore :(. And yes Fox, I’m whining about it here so RAWR. ;). The upsides are obvious though, a lot less lag to deal with and I’m able to do better in the games. But for a visual person like myself who likes graphics, its noticeable how much less good looking the game is. And hence I won’t be featuring too many photos from the game because they look bad. I am feeling a lot better about my battle performance and I’m starting to enjoy being the Brute class, rather than the Juggernaut class that I used to enjoy. On maps that I don’t want to be the brute I’ll usually switch over to my Infiltrator or Technician to switch things up. So yeah, I’m happier with Tribes now and starting to kick butt again.

I mentioned Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This game, which I’ve probably said before, fascinates me. The atmosphere, the stories about it and just the idea of facing fear like that straight on. So I had to try it for myself to make sure I really wanted the game. Good grief…the demo was quite suspenseful. But it was a good sort of suspenseful and I never got really annoyed with any of the game mechanics and it had some that I was hoping would be in there. (Such as saving at the “right” places). So I guess I’ll be making the Dark Descent in the next couple of weeks. Whether my sanity stays intact, who knows ;). I’d love to do a Let’s Play series on Amnesia, but I’d need a much better CPU to power that and well, that just isn’t happening for a while. :(. Still, it reminds me a lot of the fun I had in STALKER…except without guns….and I’m trapped underground…..and there are many more things trying to rip my face off….yeah, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Hahaha….haha…..ha….

What have I done?

Instagram Feature

From “Joe Mastroianni” comes this orangy rose. Looks good!

Video Feature

This happened several months back, the person in the video below was raising money for her wheelchair, which she needs due to a physical ailment that she names in the video. (I can’t remember the name of the ailment offhand) She had been raising money for three weeks, and it wasn’t until some rather popular YouTube people went out of their way to direct traffic to her stream which they, the viewers, then donated money to her cause. Sure, this isn’t some giant charity event. But its people taking time and money out of their day to help someone out. And that I find more touching than just randomly donating money to some charity, so I had to feature it tonight. You can see the video where she gets “view-bombed” here: Its really touching to see, in my opinion. And that helped recharge me for the month heh. I’m glad to see random acts of kindness.

So until next time dear readers, I hope you have a very awesome weekend and I will talk to you all, very soon. Keep your swords straight and true.



  1. Small correction: it wasn’t advertisement money. It was a donation drive she’d been running for three weeks and it shot through the roof when Athene directed the viewers over to her via his stream and Twitter.

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