Personal Musing: 6/1/12…

First of the month…yeah, I used to look forward to them, now as an adult I pretty much despise them same as everyone else in the world lol. Goodbye money…anyway. This month is the last month I spend in my current apartment which means I have to find a new place to live…I’ve got a backup just in case I don’t but we’ll see what happens. Today was mostly focused on….well, spanish and my coding class. Coding is going so-so so far, from the few hours I was able to get in on it. Job went well, no complaints there. This day was just muggy and miserable though. And some people sure felt the effects of it, had one girl come into class panting and I wondered if she was going to fall over and collapse on the floor right in front of us. And she’s thin too. She got better but geez….it was concerning. Sitting in spanish class was just a chore though because there is no wind into that room. For those who read from UO, its the room in Deady Hall, 2nd floor, with windows facing the “courtyard”.  UGHHGHGHGHHGHG.  No wind + high humidity + black shirt = sweating a lot. I’m glad I only have three classes left, then I won’t have to sit in that miserable room anymore. Let’s see…I think that’s it really.

Gaming? What gaming? I apparently don’t need no stinking gaming. x_X………yeah, its been rough. Going through withdrawals atm. That or sugar withdrawals. 😉

The News:

If you didn’t notice, Netflix has been overhauling its UI for playing videos both on the desktop and mobile devices. I welcome the changes, especially on mobile where I can scroll through the episode a lot faster if need be and the interface feels a lot more solid. On a side note, Netflix content has been getting better here lately, though if they need to improve anything, its more movies. Although, Netflix has now beaten out Apple as the Number 1 online movie supplier so clearly they are doing something right.

LucasArts announced “Star Wars: 1313“. Apparently we’re going to get the seedy side of the Star Wars universe through the eyes of Bounty Hunters and it’ll be cool and fun and oh who am I kidding, this is a LucasArts game. Suffice it to say, I am extremely skeptical about this game. LucasArts has been like a bumbling giant in a tea shop. They come up with new and original ideas, but by the time they get to release the games are so broken and uninteresting, well, no one really wants to play them. Harsh? Yeah, it is harsh, but considering the potential LucasArts had, I think harsh words need to be lanced at these doofuses for screwing up their games as badly as they have been. I’m not really going to keep an eye on the game, I’ll just let it filter down to me and revisit it probably on release or something.

Granted, Bioware is reporting a loss of subscribers in their Star Wars MMO so maybe its not just LucasArts…

If you have any interest in the Raspberry PI device that has been making its way around the internet, my friend Dangelus has some interesting initial thoughts on it.

A Valley Without Wind 1.1 is coming next week and they will be at Indiecade E3 Showcase this year. Due to the timing of 1.1, the ongoing review for that patch will be late, probably about a week late or even later, depends, but hopefully in the future I’ll be on top of things. I’m just so behind on the changes to the game. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of changes and additions to AVWW that continue to impress.

24+ hours later and the Humble Indie Bundle made over $2 million dollars. Wow. That’s impressive. Congratulations.

RoosterTeeth Season 10 Launched this week. I have not talked about RT much on this blog or on twitter really. Dunno why. But I’ve been keeping tabs on them and watching their stuff for years and its impressive what they are doing. But to get Elijah Wood surprised me the most, the actor from Lord of the Rings movie as Frodo. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this season, I just really enjoy these RVB series and the humor is always well done. After 10 seasons…my mind is blown at how good the writing has been.

Instagram Feature

From “sboyles” comes this tinted, slightly reddish photo.

Video Feature

Anyone who remembers the “Leeroy Jenkins meme/video” will get a kick out of this retelling of the story, I know I did. The Leeroy Jenkins days are before I played WoW, but its still funny to me.

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