Personal Musing: 5/31/12…

The last day of May…

I can’t believe it really is the last day of May. :(. Ugh. So what about today. What indeed. Ugh, Thursday are just never quite that fun, its always work-work-work and you go “huh? Where did the time go?”. That was basically my frame of mind all day. Wish I felt like I had gotten more done…but oh well. The weekend is upon us. So what about today? Or yesterday for that matter? Yesterday….was a…ergh…day. Today went better though. I had an art presentation I had to do and I did “ok”. Though I felt like there was a disconnect between the other students and I. That or they were all as tired as I. *shrug*. That said, it didn’t matter if they were connected, it just mattered that I did the presentation. On better news, the art test I did earlier this week I got a 100% score on it. Shocked me too, I know. I haven’t had a test go that well in a long time now. I also got my spanish homework all done so its basically a ton of studying I got to do to get ready for the tests next week. Job has been going well and I’ve picked up a number of hours this week. I also got my first paycheck in the longest time :D. While it was small, it still felt good to get one again.

Unfortunately, I’m just going over my todo list in my head and this weekend is going to be the worst in terms of work loads. I have to do a ton of spanish studying and there is a final art project to finish up. I had to ask the prof about it so I couldn’t finish it up last weekend. So basically the blog is going to be personal musings only until I get out of the crunch zone. Afterwards, I’ll be pushing out a bunch of posts that have been sitting in the reserves to make up for it. But that’s the last few weeks of any college term it seems, a ton of stuff you got to get done. -_-. So tired….also, on a small side note I will be removing my account from GetGlue soon. I’ll be doing a Thoughts on Getglue post once college settles down again to explain why.

Weekly session of Left for Dead 2 again. This was…wow, this was such a difficult night. Apparently a new mode is in the game (that I forgot the name to) and it basically consists of streams of spitters and boomers (only) attacking you the entire map. What makes it exceedingly annoying is that the Boomers have buffed health and spits refresh automatically and Spitters have buffed health too. Ergh…it was such a hard fight all the time. Especially since boomers can bring in the normal undead and they felt like they had buffed health too. On our second PVE campaign we called it a night on the fourth level of the one campaign with the giant plantation house. It had just gotten stupidly difficult when you had 4+ spitters spawning at the same time. It wasn’t all bad and we still had some fun, but I think a dev at Valve needs to re-balance it just ever so slightly. No pics either, was too insane.

I also jailbroke my iPad yesterday just because i was interested. There is some fascinating stuff in the Cydia store. But the sheer amount of customization is a bit crazy. This is mostly an experiment to see what’s going on in the Jailbreak community and after the release of the super-easy-jailbreak last weekend, I thought I’d give it a try. Might try jailbreaking my iPhone this weekend if I want to.


Facebook crashed a couple hours last night. I didn’t notice but yet others did and freaked out. Yay? End of story.

Wowsa, the Indie Game Bundles are just coming out of the woodwork this week with the release of the Humble Indie Bundle #5. Included in this bundle is Bastion, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Psychonauts, Limbo and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. All these games are DRM-free, cross-platform, comes with their own OST and support charity. I did a review of Bastion a while back. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is an intensely scary game that will make even the most hardened person want to run away screaming. Psychonauts is a game that flopped but was apparently a really good game from what I’ve heard. Limbo is an unforgiving puzzle platformer and finally Superbrothers is a really weird….game. I have to say that this is the best Humble Bundle to date we’ve seen. And its already selling like hotcakes within the first 24 hours. I’m still debating on getting it. I have Bastion already, but I don’t have the other four, or at least I technically don’t have Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery for the PC. Really, if I’m going to get it, its really just to support Charity and get Amnesia: The Dark Descent. That game intrigues me and yet frightens me. Well, myself and the rest of the internet lol. Its considered the scariest game of 2011 at any rate. And after the big amount of enjoyment I had with the STALKER series and the intense fun there, I’m thinking of getting Amnesia for the same reason. I find I like it. Granted, its also possible I might lose my sanity playing Amnesia….but it would be so worth it :P. Decisions, decisions… In any case, I highly recommend getting this pack because it is no slouch, these are high quality Indie Games right here and well worth your time and money even if you only play one of them.

Gotta say, just loving these bundles this time around. Although I always love the Game Music Bundle so :).

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming!!!!! Well…not quite. Apparently this guy went crazy and began eating a homeless man’s face for about 15 minutes before the cops arrived and put him down with 5 or so bullets. The worst part? The homeless guy was still alive during that and was in the hospital. I’m not aware of his condition at this time, but I gotta say. WOW. Just…disturbing. I had to *sigh* at some of the comments below the story though, demanding to know why the officer didn’t use non-lethal force on the not-quite-zombie guy. Look, dude/dudette, if your the cop and you see the attacker, A: eating someone else’s face and B: take a bullet and not get phased by it, your not going to bother with non-lethal force at any point during that. The cop tried to save the homeless man, and whether he did or not remains to be seen.

Magicka is coming out with a new DLC pack soon called “The Other Side of the Coin“. This is a game I played some hours into several months ago, but we stopped I think due to Tribes: Ascend. So it one I am hoping to return to at a later date and finish, but this DLC pack is looking quite solid. I also heard that a friend of mine just got hired by the same company who works on Magicka so I have to say congrats to him! 🙂

One Mexican cartel has declared war on Cheetos. I grabbed this story because it had to be the most insane thing I read today lol. I think I’ll just let the article speak for itself but suffice it to say….this is just weird.

DOTA 2 will be free. This news surprised me quite a bit to hear that DOTA will be letting everyone play for free, no grind to unlock anything, its available for everyone. The only thing you have to pay for is anything that is cosmetic. This certainly puts DOTA in a powerful position in the market of its genre because everyone else requires that you grind to unlock gear and characters in order to play them. I like this, but I doubt it will be enough to bring me over to the game, simply because the genre is way too competitive-based like Call of Duty and tends to have…poor communities…that said, Valve is certainly playing some interesting cards with DOTA 2.

Activision settles with Call of Duty creators. Two years after the drama, Activision settles before the case goes to court. I’m frankly not surprised because I think Activision’s back was against the wall and they had little choice but to settle or get their butt pinned to the wall as they got ripped to shreds for doing some very shady activities on the COD creators. And as one of the creators had a grin going, certainly makes me think so.

Instagram Feature:

This one is mine and I liked this shot I did Wednesday. Just came out right.

Video Feature:

Its a web series by Freddie Wong called “Video Game High School”. Well, after three episodes, this series is starting to win me over. Especially when you have Zachary Levi show up in the series. 😛 You’ll want to watch from the beginning of this web series, but basically it follows a kid as he goes into “Video Game High School” and his adventures in the school. Mostly a parody of school in general, and at first I felt it was a bit too cheesy, but its starting to win me over. The special effects are quite good for a web series and the story is interesting at least. While I’m linking the 3rd episode, you’ll want to see the first episode of the series linked here:

And phew, that’s all for today. Maybe I’ll quit taking breaks when there is a ton of news happens haha. Until next time…


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