Personal Musing: 5/29/12…

Fiery suns and lights or burning bones plus some chewy strips…

Hello, it is Tuesday, hope everyone is well. Me? Eh, I’ve had better days. Oh don’t get me wrong, today was great but I was all over the place as far as my overall sense of health. Basically, I was window-washing all day and boy it varied from feeling great to my stomach wants to complain to my head hurting and then back to feeling good. Ugh, I could do with less of those days. Right now I have a headache which I’m sure copious amounts of water and a few headache pills should solve momentarily. And hey, there it goes away. I think I need sleep tonight…which actually reminds me, if there is one thing I’ve learned during Spring Term, its that I truly loathe waking up early. It just…just no longer works for me. I feel like crap, I’m usually dead on my feet if I’m at an early class…so I’m just hoping above all hopes that I can get non-morning classes next term. We’ll see, that part is out of my hands right now. Let’s see, had my art test today and that went really well. Basically a here is a list of words, define them and I missed maybe 3 at most. Which is a lot better than last go around. But its all good now, I have a presentation that I’m already ready for on thursday (thanks to that last weekend) and so that class is in the bag as far as I’m concerned. Still, being the 9th week of the term has its unique stress points. *cringe*. Also, I need a new office chair yesterday. Anyone have any good suggestions on reasonable chairs? I’d appreciate any. I’m looking, but only off-and-on right now, not a high enough priority.

Gaming….I played Bejeweled on iOS today and that was it. Just zip time for it. I think the reason I’m having such fun with Bejeweled on iOS is that its well made for touch devices. The game design just lends itself to the idea of touch screens. And I’m having a nice bit of fun. And that’s weird for me because I will sometimes pick up mainstream casual games like this and grow tired of them pretty quickly. Cut the Rope would be the best example, I had some fun with that early on, but it got tiring as it went along. So far, this hasn’t come close. Bejeweled for the iPhone was the first introduction for me into the whole Bejeweled franchise and idea of Match-3 games. The closest I came to match-3 was Tidalis, but that’s not quite the same. Idk what it is with Bejeweled, just hits the right points on touch screens. I’ve tried Bejeweled on Chrome’s store, and it definitely has a different feel with a mouse. Plus, I’m on my PC, I’d rather play my other games. So yeah, tangents all around. 🙂

Za Reports of News:

Frozen Synapse, the very popular PC strategy game has announced its new expansion pack for the game called: Frozen Synapse: Red. This is one game I got gifted and played for about a week and then left it. Its been nagging me to come back and still sits on my PC waiting for my return and I do really want to give the game a fair retry later on. Just so busy. But the expansion itself is very cool. Coolest feature about it is that if you have the Red expansion pack, your not limited to just people who have the expansion, you can even play with those that don’t and that is just very cool. So go give it a check out! I’d talk more about it, but I really can’t appreciate the differences that this expansion brings so go read the blog post :P.

Microsoft, along with other big companies in the tech industry have long decried piracy, but an amusing report found that all major companies have at least some pirates in their organization, including the RIAA. The irony there being very delicious. Ok, granted, I can’t hold this against the big companies. Let’s face it. If you can’t get three people in a room to agree on something, your not going to get 1,000s of people to agree that piracy is bad. Just simple human nature. But it is still richly amusing to see articles like these pop up from time to time.

Light news today. *shrugs*

Instagram Photo of the Day:

From “hipsternathan” comes this neat little scenery shot with highway.

Featured Video:

Oh boy, this was tough today…but it would have to be this pilot to an intriguing web series. Called “Tether”, its set in the future, it has some interesting stuff going on. Whether or not Corridor Digital can pull off more episodes is up in the air, but the production quality is very high all things considered. Suffice it to say, I am intrigued.

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