Personal Musing: 5/28/12…

Rocks, rolls, and beats.

Ahh, that was a good weekend “break”. And by break I mean study fest. While I took the weekend off for the blog, I was working on getting several projects done and out of the way and succeeded for the most part in that task. So I’m glad for that. Also have been studying for the Art test I have tomorrow.  Yay.  (cry). Although I feel better about this one this time around so that’s something. Tomorrow, just looking at my schedule, is going to be chaotic. Goody. Only two weeks left now. This three day weekend was really nice though, all sorts of peaceful quiet to get my work done. So yay, I was productive and am ahead of schedule. I have one major project remaining, though its already 1/3rd done so that should be done well ahead of schedule.

Gaming was mostly sporadic sessions of Tribes: Ascend when I could. Thanks to some training help from MoonshineFox, I’m starting to feel less frustrated and getting some decent games again. Even got one game with a triple Blue-plate special which surprised me, in the brute class no less. That game is my best to date and the screenshot is below because I have nothing else for gaming pics today. Otherwise, back to my normal schedule for the week.

Newsy type and stuff…

Oof, this could take some time, so let’s get a move on. (Not all tech/gaming news this week FYI).

The 3rd Indie Game Music Bundle was announced today. And man is it some good stuff this time around. Just the Frozen Synapse soundtrack alone is worth the price for this bundle. This pay-as-you-want bundle is as good as the previous two were, with OSTs from Plants VS Zombies, Terraria, Dustforce and much more, this is definitely worth whatever price you decide to pay. While you can pay as low as $1, $10 is the minimum you’ll need to pay to get all 15 albums available. $10 for 15 albums of over 13 hours worth of music. I’ve been listening to some of them so far and they are very good. Its also possible they might release more albums as more people buy the bundles, but there is no counter this time around so they might not do that again. Either way, I’m glad they are still doing this bundle. Its unfortunate, but the other Indie Game Bundles just haven’t been up to par since they started. Nothing much of interest in their bundles so they’ve been easy to ignore. The music bundle on the other hand always have great music at very high quality so even if I don’t like the game, I usually like the music that goes along with it. So go give it a look over, you might see albums your interested in.

After Studios 38 laid several hundred people off from their workforce, for which the leaders of the company are likely to find themselves Audited and Sued in court because that is against state law, whoops, the response from the rest of the Gaming industry has been to swoop in and offer jobs to the now jobless workers. Which is really quite touching, in an economy where we are not doing so hot too. Glad to see that at least many of these workers won’t go jobless after the mess.

Jailbreaking your iOS Device on iOS 5.1.1 is now possible again as Absinthe 2.0 has arrived. I want to try this out as soon as I do a format on my PC.

Honor Student from Texas is thrown in Jail for Missing school due to exhaustion. I guess the phrase: No good deed goes unpunished works in this case. >=(. While I wonder if we are missing some sort of important information in this story, just from the surface, it seems this eleventh grader is being thrown in jail & fined $100 just because she couldn’t make it to school. Working two jobs and attending honor classes were apparently not enough for the judge to be reasonable with her, as he said: “If you let one [truant student] run loose, what are you gonna do with the rest of em? Let them go too?”. -_-. Yes, clearly this honor student enjoys skipping classes. I know when I was doing College courses in High School my first thought was “I want to skip classes all of the time!”.  All I can say Judge, is that your punishing the wrong person and only encouraging students to not try hard, otherwise they’ll be thrown in jail. *rolls eyes*. You can be reasonable without appearing weak. As for the student…I hope she can pull through all of this and makes it. What a rough set of circumstances…I’m personally amazed she is doing all of this despite all that’s happened. I just hope this jailtime doesn’t permanently affect her career.

Sony has a patent on advertisements that could interrupt your videogame. No. Just, NO. Sony, you add that to your full priced game and I’m just going to drop AAA gaming altogether. That’s just insulting if you ever add advertisements to game at this point. I left watching live TV because the advertisements are too FRAKKING ANNOYING. Ok, sure, Sony hasn’t said they are going to include ads yet, but its clear they working on the technology. Let’s just not ok guys? Thanks. Already hard enough swallowing DLC right now, this would really tick me off.

Gaming Photo:

As said above, this is my best game so far just based on the triple Blue Plate Specials. Maybe not all that impressive to pros, but for me a good personal achievement :).

Instagram Photos of the Day:

Taking the weekend off means I have plenty of photos to share today. I hope you enjoy!

First one is my remembrance of Memorial Day today. “On this #MemorialDay I remember the brave warriors that have fallen. May their sacrifice lead to a better world and their souls find peace. O7”. I wanted to do something unique today, so I went and found this photo and put some blurs in to give the photo the right amount of emphasis. Link and Navi’s stance in this photo was also just right for this photo.

From “spaltor” comes this colorful photo of Skittles, I just liked it. Though I don’t like Skittles. M&Ms all the way :P.

From “mekster” is this good shot of a building, that I have no clue of what building it is.

Next up is Rick’s colorful photo of flowers. Its got a good focus.

From “hipsternathan” comes a cat photo. Yeah, I’m a sucker for cat photos x_x.  Still looks cute.

And finally, this last photo is another photo I did, part of a series of photos I took on that day. It was really gorgeous outside then.

Featured Video:

From WilsonTech1, this video really reminded me of some things I should do more often. While I have never told anyone to not call me (except when studying obviously), I don’t call certain people enough, gonna work on changing that.

Phew, hope you like all that 🙂

Until next time…


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