Update & Personal Musing: 2011-2012…

Swords, shields, bows and arrows, the day has arrived and we shall sing once again…

What a year. My 22nd Birthday year was…well, the most complicated, dramatic,  and difficult year for me since reaching adult hood. Full of joy and full of struggles, I’ve had a interesting past year. A lot of decisions to make and things that had to get done. Its been a constant learning process through it all and the future finally seems a little clearer now. So here I am, to muse for a bit on this past year…well, I moved to Eugene, enrolled in University of Oregon and struggled to not only find a job but to figure out my degree I wanted to purse, after I found that Business just wasn’t for me. A year later, I have a job I like, a degree to pursue, I’m happier now than I have been in years, I feel productive and energized and the future seems a lot brighter than before. Granted, there are some cliffs that concern me, but, I can avoid them. And while I still have hurdles to face yet, I have confidence I can get by them, with help from above, and help from my friends and family who have helped me through it all. I have met all sorts of new people both online and in the “real” world and I’m glad I got to meet and get to know them.

A Paladin Without A Crusade…has to be the most different and difficult things I’ve ever tried doing. Let’s face it, its writing and I’m not being paid for it or being graded on it. The blog for the longest time had very little traction. Mostly because I didn’t have a clue what I would talk about. Crazy, I know. I would mostly make pretty inane posts as a sort of venting ground and yell at the world. Well, I still do that, just with more words and in more concise points. ;). For the most part, I suffered from disinterest, writers block and general “mehness” about the blog. But I decided a year ago, give or take some months, that I would really try and push content out on the blog. Give it a try at the very least and see if I got any traction, if I would find any enjoyment out of it. If I didn’t get any of those things, I would just shelve the whole thing and look at other projects I could attempt.

So I pushed out more thoughts and musings, even started the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Files. I still had debates about whether I should do these rather long and lengthy posts. They are a lot of work after all and I found I would run into writing blocks a lot. Well, that’s when I came up with Personal Musings.  Shorter, easier and fun to do, PMs pushed the type of content I wanted out. While they are still in a rough state, they have been improving the more I write them. And they let me focus on the bigger posts because I don’t constantly flip-flop between subjects I want to talk about, which would lead to weeks of producing very little content. So PMs are a lifesaver in that regard.

And the results of my labors are surprising to me a year later. The amount of official subscribers has gone up significantly, sharing of my posts is up and generally the blog is what I would consider healthy. Suffice it to say, I am really pleased with how the blog has turned out and its future looks good.

So what about the A Paladin Without A Crusade blog and its future? I’ll be continuing it obviously ;). I have enjoyed producing the posts that I have and liked what I’ve done thus far. It still has room for improvement of course, but it seems that people have liked it too. And I also like the variety of subjects I talk about too. And its something I want to do, which is unusual, as it is quite a bit of work to publish these posts. But at the end of the day, I guess I can say I did it. 🙂

This is the general schedule I’ll be following for the foreseeable future:

  • Personal Musings around five times a week. These posts will continue to talk about my life in the personal, gaming, and tech. I will also continue to feature Instagram Photos that catch my eye, as well as interesting videos from around the web. I am currently experimenting with featuring audio in some form or fashion, but that’s off in the future. I’ve really enjoyed making these posts and people have responded well to them and they fit the bill that I wanted to cover tech topics a lot faster than I had been in the past.
  • Musing/Thought/Videogame Review once or twice a week. I still like doing these and my latest musing on iOS gaming was quite fun to talk about. I just need to set time aside to write these and that’s the trickiest part with doing them. I’ll have it figured out soon enough.
  • Review of a Podcast & YouTube channel every month. My first YouTube channel will be in June and it will be a much different format than most of my other reviews, I’ll just say that much.

Other blog notes:

Musings will be a slightly different format where they talk about a certain subject that might be revisited later. You saw this format in the iOS Gaming musing I published last week. Thoughts will be similar, just more “complete” and not likely to be revisited in the future.

While I kind of consider the STALKER Files to be a failure, they will not be the last creative writing I publish on this blog. I have hopes of publishing more creative posts in the future, I can’t say when because of my schedule, but I am hopeful to push those out once in a while for a bit of fun.

Update on Ongoing Reviews: Ongoing Reviews will be posts after I review a game that will revisit the game at certain points and look at what has changed and my general thoughts on the game. These points will usually be content updates that are worth talking about. In the A Valley Without Wind case, we will be visiting every major official update, or every other one, I’m a bit torn on that atm. Tribes: Ascend has been cancelled from the Ongoing Reviews due to the simple fact that I cannot afford to do an ongoing review of the game. And its pretty important that I be able to, otherwise, all I’d be talking about are the new maps, not any of the new weapons and that’s just not very interesting. Other people are doing a better job of that anyway, so I’m not all that unhappy about it. I technically have two game slots remaining that can be ongoing reviews, but I don’t know what those would be right now. Basically, the game has to be in constant development, a well done game and reasonably priced to be in an ongoing review series. It can be an MMO too.

Final Notes:

And finally, I have to say a big thank you to all my readers out there. The comments, retweeting, liking, +1s, and other sharing of my blog posts has been immensly gratifying to know people like what I write. Really, its that that’s fueling the blog’s continued existence. Without it, it is very likely I would have shelved the blog for only “important” announcements from time to time. So from the A Paladin Without A Crusade, I give you my deepest gratitude and say thank you. This next year will continue to be an interesting and exciting adventure throughout the Real & Digital World. So I hope you continue your journey with me, I’ll be writing away. Thank the Lord. Also, a thank you to all of you for the Happy Birthday wishes, those were highly appreciated.

So until next time, keep your swords sharp, your arrows true, and your shields strong.


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