Personal Musing: 5/24/12…

Ring ring….ring ring…

Ahh thursdays…………….actually, I have nothing against Thursdays. Tomorrow is my birthday, which means by the time you read this it will be my birthday. My 23rd. Coming up on my 5th year as an adult. Hah, “adult”…what a year too…but my musings on last year will be coming tomorrow/today (hah) so that will be a special early post you will see soon. So what about today, there isn’t much to talk about. Got up, felt like I got hit by a train, went to class, dealt with college “paperwork” and other fun homework stuffs. Not much I really want to talk about today. *shrug*

Blog: Keep your eyes peeled for a special musing tomorrow. It will be talking about A Paladin Without A Crusade and its future + much more. And I swear, I will get it out, I won’t let the date curse hit me this time ;).

Gaming: Well, lets see, got a session into Tribes: Ascend, with increasing frustration…but MoonshineFox is going to try and train me to get better. When I have the time obviously. So little time…  Also had my weekly fun session of Left for Dead 2. Such fun, though the teams were a bit imbalanced this time in versus because someone joined one of the teams who wasn’t anyone’s friend. That was weird because it was a friends-only game. Odd….but it was fun nonetheless.


Facebook launched its own Instagram-esque type camera app. Comes with 15 filters, multiple-photo uploads and a nice viewer for photos shared on your FB stream. From what I saw, the UI looks terrible even for FB and it has limited features. I’m not sure why Facebook is releasing so many different mobile versions of their website. This trend here lately of having Facebook: main, messenger, pages, and now camera is a bit of a confusing idea. We’ll see if it works.

Studios 38 laid off its 400 man workforce due to inability to pay them for almost a month and is going through some unfortunate problems right now. They were the devs behind the game “Kingdoms Of Amalur: The Reckoning” videogame, plus an MMO they had been working on.  I have to say, it was really stupid of them to develop a MMO if they didn’t have the funds to push it through. Also, idk what to think about management at this point…but if you let your company get to the point that you couldn’t pay 400 employees…for shame. Regardless of the circumstances. I am very hopeful that other companies pick up these now jobless employees. I really feel for them too, they make a successful game and their reward is to get kicked out on the street. That’s just harsh.

Because We May: So many game indie developers are taking the last week of May starting today to put their games on very deep sale. Its a cool idea to promote indie games and spread the word about these very cool games. I haven’t given it much of a look to be honest, because my budget strictly forbids game purchases right now, BUT, it is certainly worth a look through.If I had to recommend any games…it would have to be:

  • Super Meat Boy (Very hard platformer)
  • Frozen Synapse (turn based action game)
  • Cthulu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII: The Beginning double pack. 2-D RPG games that I just happen to be running a Let’s Play series on 🙂
  • Trainyard, interesting puzzle game for iOS
  • Anomaly Warzone Earth (<-My review linked) (all platforms, Turret Offense)

And that’s just what stands out to me on the list, there’s probably more if I looked harder. So go check it out!

Activision is getting a lot of dirty laundry aired out on what happened between it and the creators of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 in court these past few years. It is ugly, ugly business practices. They actually setup a taskforce known as “Operation Icebreaker” (roflmao on the name there, trying to make yourselves look like the villain much?) to hack the computers of Call of Duty creators, to try and get dirt on them. They consulted with Microsoft and other outside businesses to attempt this hacking, but they ran into legal and moral issues (go figure!) so it never really happened. The CEO of Activision is being named as one of the person’s who put this taskforce to work. I have to say, this is just disgusting and immoral. And the timing of it really couldn’t be worse with the disastrous launch of Diablo 3, this is PR that Acti doesn’t need right now. I really would like to hear Activision counter this and give their justification. Either way, I don’t think Activison is misunderstood. I think they’re just shady as heck now.

Instagram Photo of the day:

My feed is slacking this week, nothing I want to feature today. 🙁

Gaming Photo:

From my L4D2 play session tonight, you can barely see it but a jockey, when shot, flew straight up and away in the air and I tried to get a photo of it. It was quite hilarious.

Featured Video!:

Because Instagram is lacking this week, I am introducing a new section of Personal Musings: Featured videos. Usually these will be YouTube vids that I think deserve some attention. Similar to Instagram featured photos. Hope you like, if not, let me know. Here’s a rather amusing clip from the Jimmy Kimmel Show a few weeks ago with a statement from some rather…unhappy teachers.

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