Personal Musing: 5/23/12…

Stress….and pickles?

My brain concerns me what it thinks up sometimes. Anywhooooooo, hello and welcome back to this Le—I mean this personal musing. Theme seems to be scatterbrained today. *shrug* And stressed for no good reason. I have no idea where this stress just suddenly came from. I’m healthy….my job is just fine….I have nothing due for the rest of the week that is all that difficult…no one else I know is dangerously sick….so why the sudden stress spike? Body? Why you no calm? If I had to guess its probably that there is only 2.5 weeks left of Spring term x_X.  Yeah, that’s probably why. Ergh. I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. Anyway, today was actually pretty good, work was pretty good and I got through my art project a little faster than I thought I would. Its not done, but my inital worry was that it was going to be some difficult project. Upon reading further into the instructions, its not so bad. Just a 4-page double spaced paper. Pff, I write longer blog posts. Granted, no one is grading those….and then I worked on some spanish stuff and I’m really ahead on that so I should have that nicely done and finished soon. 2.5 weeks. I can make it. Its just going to be all sorts of fun getting through the next couple of weeks. The current debate on my mind is whether I’m going to go home this weekend or not. I’ve already taken two weekends “off”….idk. We’ll have to see how things go.

No gaming today. Blah to you Mr. Homework. And if your a real person, I feel sorry for you ;). Actually, once I publish this I’m probably going to play a few hours of either Portal 2 or Tribes Ascend.  Words with Friends for iOS got an update too today so I guess that’s something. I’m kinda surprised they haven’t put in any more new purchases in the store lately. (Not that I care, I’m just surprised is all).

Onto the news?

Google Search for iPhone got a massive update today. I’ve played around with it a bit, its basically taking what they did on the iPad and moved it to the iPhone. Its nice and I’m glad they finally added the ability to save photos (I can’t believe that took so long to get that feature). Its functionality as a sort of launch pad for both web and iPhone apps is also nice and the app works pretty well. The problem is, doing google search on Safari is more convenient. The only thing the app really adds for searching is the different UI with fullscreen and voice search. There really isn’t anything Google could do to move me over to the app, because Safari manages my Bookmarks and Reading List, plus multiple tabs. *shrug* Anyway, glad to see they are really working on getting their iPhone/iPad apps to suck less. Now if only Facebook could take a page out of that book. Just saying, the Google+ app is actually quite fun to use now.

This high schooler built a portable X-Ray machine. This is crazy stuff. I’m kinda wondering how he got some of the more risky parts like the radiated cores that you need for it. One would hope that isn’t something you could easily get your hands on, but he got his hands on them…at least he was being safe with them. Still, this is way cooler and more useful than any of my high school projects ever were. Even has a real world application and I have to give the kid kudos.

The RickRoll video was taken down yesterday on YouTube by a copyright request by……..AVG Technologies, the company responsible for the AVG Anti-Virus program. It was, 24 hours later, restored to YouTube. Ok, I have to ask, how does an anti-virus company have a copyright on a music video? Some are calling this a publicity stunt and I have to agree. This also calls to question whether or not YouTube actually checks the copyright claims before it acts. Which this seems to suggest that they do not…we really need to overhaul the copyright system…

Hey, look at that, I managed to avoid talking about Diablo 3! Won’t last. 😉

Instagram Photo of The Day:

I am disappoint, it was pretty quiet on my Instagram feed today so nothing I really wanted to feature today. I guess next time guys. Bummer.

Gaming Photo:

From Portal 2: I don’t think that GlaDOS is very happy with me when I woke her up. Its not like I did anything to her in Portal 1….except murder her….oops…

And until next time, I hope your all having a great day!


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