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That is the theme of the day, or at least the debate of the day. But before I clarify, my day was pretty good, if extremely tiring. After studying for such a long time on Spanish I feel exhausted and I hope my test reflects better for it…though I’m feeling less than confident about it….after that, I got a DVD from a twitter buddy for Independence Day the special edition. That was really cool to get as we’ve only had a VHS version of it back home, so it’ll be nice to see it in HD later this term. Other than that, I spent the rest of the day cooling my jets and thinking about my homework assignment I have due later this week. Also had some reallllly good tacos with “hot” sauce. Those were yummy, I’m apparently getting a taste for hot tacos. On a quick side note, I listened to Stefan Sawynok and Odile Thomas in the podcast episode “The Seven Heavenly Virtues of Firefly”, Highway to Mars. I’m only half done with it, but am enjoying it quite a bit. Also, the rich french accent and aussie accent are too funny to listen to. What can I say, I’m an american ;).

So what about DRM? Well, I’ve been in an unending debate about it on the Treks-in-Scifi forum about it. You won’t be surprised that it was sparked by the Diablo 3 game either. I’m going to eventually work on a DRM post for this blog and I’ll talk about it in depth. It is an issue that I feel very strongly about, though sometimes I feel far too alone about it. I don’t feel like I’m entitled to games without DRM either, but I sometimes wonder if people perceive that I do feel entitled about it. Or worse that they view me as some sort of pirate and that I’m complaining about my inability to steal the games. I don’t steal games. Period. End of story. I boycott the ever living crap out of them, but beyond that, my library is so full of Steam-bought games I don’t need to. Still, I’m likely to be seen as a pirate and that saddens me…and yeah, I’ve been ranting about it on Twitter for the past couple of days. That won’t stop. I’m not going to simply let this issue roll over and die. But I’ll try and talk about other things heh. Granted, I have no clue how people perceive me on this issue. So really, I’m not going to worry about it. Life goes on.

Hmm, gaming…gaming….oh right I played Tribes Ascend off and on, mostly off, but I unlocked the Raider class and finding it nice and punchy. Maybe my favorite? I dunno. But I’m liking it more. The “Staying Alive” update also came out, which was Brute centered and seems to give the Brute a better role as a heavy Soldier/indoor supersoldier heh. The video integration is interesting…but I think if I want to watch streams of Tribes, I’ll watch it outside the game client. Less stressful on my PC in any case.

The news:

Is amusing today as a developer inside Activision states that its evil reputation is undeserved and that Acti is simply misunderstood. The amount of laughing and headdesking that went on while reading this was quite a lot.  Forgetting that the developer in question who said this is known for making very subpar games, Activision has its evil reputation for a reason. Lately, witnesses have been reporting that the CEO did very shady methods in order to get rid of the leaders of Infinity Ward for whatever reason by attempts to hack their computer and many other shady deals. Activision is also very abusive to its customers and is not very well regarded by the PC community. The CEO is also a bit heartless and cold. It doesn’t help their case that they took over Blizzard, one of the most popular PC devs and Blizzard is starting to show very bad warning signals here lately. As such, their reputation is well deserved. Although sadly, EA has taken over in regards to being considered the worst and most evil game developer here lately. Ouch.

Diablo 3 continues to suffer from lag, errors and other issues and reports of possible account hacking also seems to have happened. Its largely unconfirmed and Blizzard is denying that its a serious issue. I can’t really say at this point as I have no personal experience but it doesn’t make them look any better right now.

You should be mad about Diablo 3 Always Online DRM. Not safe for work I might add, (lots of cussing and questionable video content) but this guy talks a lot of sense about the DRM, Diablo 3 debacle. You paid $60 for a game that doesn’t work, and you should be mad. I sure as heck would be mad if I bought Diablo 3. Oh, you think I’m mad now? Wait and see when I do buy a game that does this, then you’ll see “mad”. ;). (Though that’s very unlikely).

X-Com’s FPS shooter has been delayed to 2014. I think most gamers would rather this game just never existed. Or burned in a fire. Just saying. I’m not disappointed in this news whatsoever.

Google officially acquired Motorola Mobility today, that will be intriguing to see how they handle the company now. Of course, it may have just been all for patents, but hey, we will see what happens.

Facebook released an iPhone app for managing your Facebook pages. Its ok, but has the same issues that its original app does. Its slow, clunky and missing features. But it does help manage your FB page…yay. I currently run a page right now, so I guess I’ll keep it around. If FB needs to work on anything its the slow and clumsiness of their original app and time to improve the iPad app imo.

Instagram Photo of the Day:

From talespodcast again, we have this shot of Disneyland. I like the colors in this one. 🙂 Apparently this was shot before World of Color was put in. I saw World of Color when I was on vacation, that was an awesome show.

No gaming photo…didn’t take anything worth sharing. *shrug*

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