Personal Musing: 5/20/12…

Weekends and a little taste of…

That weekend sure went by fast. Geez. My parents came up and visited with my brother and I and we hanged out, got food, watched The Hunger Games (Dark and a bit too violent…it was pretty good, but I liked the Avengers more, THG was missing something to make the characters sympathetic) and got things like groceries and gas. Weather was great, and it was nice to just chill for the Saturday. There really isn’t much to say. It was just a good weekend. Oh I guess after they left I worked on homework, spanish and art variety. I can’t wait for this term to end…but fortunately I’m not hitting burnout yet. That trip probably helped prevent that from happening too…

Blog: Yeah…obviously I didn’t publish those posts when I said I would… The next time I set a date, slap me and then ignore me. I will never make it it seems if I set the date publicly. I don’t know why I do it, I just do it and then its like setting myself up to fail to make that date. NGHHHH.  I did work on those posts! I just forgot that I had parents…homework…and a bunch of other stuff to deal with inbetween. So delayed, until…whenever. No due date, bad King, don’t announce it, you’ll jinx it.

Let’s Play: Breath of Death VII: Episode 13 is now online. I took some really creative liberties with this episode…tried for some more humor. I don’t know if its even good humor, I’m just doing this as well as I can without a script and without people telling me whether its funny or not. So yay! x_X.  Also, I’m using a different mic and I’ve placed it differently to be less painful to you the watchers of said video. So comments would be highly appreciated as always. I had a lot of fun with this episode too, so I think I’m going to do this more interesting approach of trying to act out these characters. I hope you enjoy it :).

Gaming, after my parents went back home I played a few hours of Tribes: Ascend to unwind before the cracking of my homework load commenced. I was generally frustrated with my performance. I feel like I’m still doing worse. Maybe its a lack of practice or just really bad luck. Just so aggravating. I hope this week gets better as far as T:A is concerned…

Instagram Photos of the Day:

Another triple feature today, first one from talespodcast with this close up of a lizard. He’s a big one!

Next one comes from moyer777 and this nice shot of him, his cat and wife all in the same photo. Its quite rare, cats don’t like to be photographed ;).

And finally, my own photo from my walk today. The sun was a bit behind the clouds today, but it was generally warm all around so no big deal.

Gaming Photo:

From T:A today, I noticed this just floating in the middle of the air, I had to get a pic of this glitch. These drop from players that are killed and, once picked up, give you some ammo. It was just slightly amusing when I saw it.

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