Personal Musing: 5/18/12…

Time travels, wheeled cheese, and everything in between…

Oof…Thursday and Friday just slipped right on by didn’t they. I had a couple long hour days at my job and those went pretty darn well. Helps, the free lunches too haha. But no seriously, they went well and I’m glad. Besides that, school is going along at a fairly good pace. Spanish was a bit weird though, our prof told us that his wife was expecting a baby anyday and well, it happened on Tuesday, so Wednesday we had a substitute and Thursday class was cancelled and today he was back. I am not looking forward to the test next Tuesday though…ergh. Its too much I tell you, too much. Blegh. So I’ve been spending the past couple of days putting in as many hours into homework, but dang, I still have so much left to do x_X. But I’m ahead of the curve so that’s better than rushing it at the last second right? I’m amazed I’ve been able to keep the pace up and not have any sort of Spring-term crash. Better not jinx myself haha. But its the weekend! Yay! And there is absolutely nothing special about next week. I dunno what anyone told you, but they were lying. Really. Quit listening to them. There is nothing special about next week. End of story. Really.

Worked on the next couple of posts when I could today and I should have one of them finished up tomorrow. Hopefully. This weekend is going to be tricky on posts being published, but as long as I don’t slack it off, they should come out. Also, going to try and use a different mic for my Let’s Plays, hopefully that works better? I’d just like to get a professional mic, but yeah, not happening. I’ll make due. I always have. So you can count on at least one episode of Breath of Death by Sunday. Doubtful it’ll be two, I’m a bit too busy. But that one episode will be really good. 🙂

Gaming: I did my weekly session of L4D2 fun action. Filled with much hilarity and dead survivors that session had :). I’m quite enjoying L4D2.

El News & The News:

Well, there is just no news I feel like talking about today. Its just Facebook IPO is the main subject, beyond that, there is just nothing. And I’m not really going to talk about the FB IPO, its out of my interests and I what can I say about it really? Not much, its trading on wallstreet. Woohoo. So, instead of news, you get three Instagram photos :).

Oh wait, that’s right, Bejeweled HD for iPad came out yesterday. I almost forgot about that. I’m a bit miffed that its a separate app for iPad users. The main reason I’m miffed is that its a separate app. I am not a fan of separate apps, though I understand why app devs do it, I am really hesitant to buy separate versions of the game, I would just rather they did them as universal apps. That said, at least they didn’t add anything like a freemium model to the game, it doesn’t have Origin nor any social media ties and sometimes, not having FB makes the app better. It looks good, I’ll bet it looks really good on the iPad 3 too. I am aware that PopCap is under the EA overlord machine. So this is in a grey area, but as it isn’t tied to Origin in anyway and the devs have been doing good support for the iPhone version, I’m less hesitant to recommend the game. Although I should look into alternatives on the market and see how good they are…I wonder what the alternative to Bejeweled is….I have no idea….hmm

Instagram Photos of the Day:

This first one is from Al Kessel and this colorful shot of a traintrack. What can I say, I’m a sucker for trains.

Our next one comes from “Billybob476” and his photo of Broil Mate…I have no idea what it is, but it caught my eye. *shrug*

Our final photo comes from moyer777. Its a Joseph Coat flower, I’ve never heard that name before, but the shot looks good. 🙂

And until next time…


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