Personal Musing: 5/16/12…

Suns and Thrillers….say no more…

Hi again, its Wednesday. Yay Wednesdays…always fun. Always exciting. Ish. Today was actually a pretty good day. Half work, half spanish with a few other assignments thrown in for good measure. Work is going well too, mostly a lot of moving around of equipment and stuff. Speaking of Spanish we had a tutor substitute teacher today. That was a bit different…otherwise, I just enjoyed the day and got what I could done, there really isn’t much to talk about. Trying to knuckle through as much homework as I can before deadlines, evil as they are, start coming out and scaring me. Hah. Its just non-stop work at this point, but I can see the finish line for the term and that’s good. I can’t wait for Summer to come.

Played some Tribes: Ascend today, I generally felt frustrated throughout the several Team Deathmatches I played with Moonshine Fox. I don’t know, it seems like I should be better by now but I’m not. Or maybe I’m being too hard on myself. More than likely I’m being hard on myself, as I did hit the top of the leader board in one game with 4X artillery accolades with my Juggernaut.  I may also be getting a little overanxious about trying to compete rather than just having fun. I’ve done that to myself once before and that kills a few games in the long run. Or maybe I’m just having one of those days. Bah, tomorrow is another day. Anyway. No picture taken so no gaming photo for the day.


A mod called Day-Z for “Arma II” is making the rounds and I heard about it a couple days ago, just didn’t talk about it till now. The mod adds survival elements, hordes of zombies, bleak and lonely landscapes all on top of a HUGE world. The in-game world is 225 km squared in size. That is just ridiculously large. The game reminds me a lot of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. which is helped that its set in a Russian-like country named “Chenarus”. The game itself, Arma 2, was a mediocre success from what I’ve gathered, although this mod has given it a spike in popularity that the devs seem grateful for and are going to officially add the mod to the game in a patch coming soon. Arma 2 though comes with a lot of bugs and problems which is a bit off-putting to me. With Day-Z being in an alpha state, that doesn’t help matters much either for me. But, that said, I am deeply intrigued by this mod. I really enjoyed the STALKER series and to get the same vibes from this mod…well, its hard to ignore. For now, I’m going to keep an eye on it. I would love to see what this guy does to put this mod into a “final” state and then I’ll probably investigate further. Until then, this is quite cool.

Diablo III is getting absolutely crushed by reviews and complaints from its playerbase as they try fruitlessly to connect to a server on a single player game. The frustration is quite understandable really. If this was an MMO, that would be one thing. As I’ve said before, it isn’t. These problems all could have been avoided, and the fact that Blizzard didn’t prepare for its customers on launch day is really making me scratch my head. Surely pre-orders and just general experience with games in the past would have given them an idea on how many servers they would need and to simply not have enough servers ready is mind-boggling. This crash-and-die on release day is not uncommon for Blizzard either, as most of its games and expansions have crashed their servers on launch day. Its becoming a bit like EA, who’s servers always crash and burn when they release a new Battlefield game. CCP also went out of its way to poke fun at the problems Blizzard was having. I got a good giggle out of it. Blizzard has officially apologized for the server troubles though, which they needed to. It was inexcusable to have that many server problems at this point.

Tribes: Ascend now has over One Million downloads. Congrats to Hi-Rez! Game is going pretty well overall, my own frustration notwithstanding, and they’ve been adding interesting maps and have been experimenting with the F2P model which is good to see as I still view it as a bit expensive still.

Verizon is set to kill unlimited data plans forever and is going to force people who have them to drop them soon. I have to say, I thought AT&T was bad, Verizon just took the evil cake again. I like this one line in particular “this is beneficial to us” when the CEO’s talking about this change. Well, I’ll give the guy credit. He’s being honest about who truly benefits from this. I’m just frustrated at how poorly the US carrier’s treat their customers. From what I understand, it is not nearly so bad across the ocean. Here, we basically just accept that carriers can and will screw us over. It is beyond frustrating. Our smartphones continue to get more expensive and our service continues to get worse. And the only thing AT&T sent me for their appreciation of my business was a lousy coupon to their worthless store. Thanks guys…thanks. *rollseyes* I’m not even sure what I’m going to do about the carrier thing either. I’m seriously considering Sprint at this point. SPRINT…I mean. C’mon. I wish I could just drop my cellphone altogether, but then no one could contact me and I need a phone # no matter what. Its a no-win scenario right now…it really is.

Instagram photo of the day:

Apparently people liked this photo so I’m featuring it today. Which is odd because I thought another photo I took would gain more attention. But I guess not. Anyway, this one I tried to catch the reflection of the sun off the river and I’m standing on a bridge. Turned out fairly good in my opinion.

And that’s it. Until next time…


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