Personal Musing: 5/14/12…

Mondays & Sunny days…

Today was a really gorgeous day here. It was the right temperature just for walking around and soaking in the sunshine. It looks like the week will hold this temperature too which I like. If the rest of Spring term is like this, that would be so very helpful. So today, well, let’s see, between work and study for spanish, it was busy if uneventful. Work is progressing at an interesting pace as well. Otherwise, there really isn’t much to talk about. I’ve also been trying to go through the gigantic queue in my YouTube and Podcast feeds. Yeesh, those got big after taking the weekend off. Though podcast feed mostly consists of: Avengers, Avengers, and more Avengers. Yikes. That’s quite a bit. Its why I won’t be doing a full review of the Avengers either, I don’t think I would have anything interesting to add that isn’t already being discussed by many other people who are probably saying it better than I could anyway. šŸ˜€

Nothing new on the blog/YouTube front.

Gaming was an exercise in frustration today. It was Tribes: Ascend but I just couldn’t get any sort of beat going. It was akin to flailing around on the beach. Was switching between classes, just trying to get a secure footing to feel like I was doing some good, but instead it seemed like everyone had it out for me and I was dying left right and center. Oh I’m not getting singled out, it just felt like I was and it was an incredibly unlucky today. Guess it was just one of those days…as frustrating as they can be. Leaderboard reflected this as I was close to the bottom for most of the matches. Blegh…there is always tomorrow I suppose.

Za News:

Sparrow for the iPhone tried to get specialĀ privilegesĀ from Apple to allow push email on its app. Apple flat out refused them the specialĀ privileges. Sparrow is an email app for the iPhone that has interesting features. In a lot of ways, the devs basically took the iPhone Facebook app, and made it into an email client. Which considering how much I loathe that FB app, is not what I’d call a good thing. Disregarding that Apple can sometimes be overzealous in its control, I didn’t agree with Sparrow being granted special privileges just because they felt special. There are other email clients that don’t get push either, so it felt a bit egotistical for Sparrow to ask just because. Sparrow is also going to provide push notifications for a yearly subscription. I have to scratch my head at this one because most, if not all, app devs provide push notifications for free with a purchase of their app and now to ask yearly subscriptions for this? Yeah…good luck with that one.

Now, don’t get me wrong, allowing more apps to have background push would be nice, but I had a real issue with this one single app demanding it. It should be all or nothing. Otherwise its unfair to the rest of the app developers on the store. And on a side note, I use the base email client with another one called eMailGanizer, which sorts my emails quickly and allows me to add certain ones to my Todo list if need be. Its a good app. Anyway…

Twitter will now send weekly emails (if you wish) on Top Tweets from your feed. I actually like this as it will bring more exposure to tweets that are, I think, commonly missed by people. Or at least, I like the idea in theory. Time will tell if it actually works well. I’m going to allow the weekly emails just to see how it works out and I have gotten my first email from this new feature of twitter. Twitter still stands as my favorite social network thus far and the spam is actually down from what I’ve noticed. Or maybe I’m just getting lucky. Either way, I have mobile apps that just work and the service doesn’t make me want to pull the hair out of my head, unlike FB and G+ of late.

Diablo III is coming soon. The genre, I’ve tried it before but just haven’t been interested in it. So this will be a pass for me, I have other games I want to get my hands on when income starts going green again. Plus, I have issues with the always-on DRM and Auction House with In-Game-Real-$$-purchases. Blegh. But its looking like the game is breaking pre-order records and will likely be an insane hit for the unstoppable force that is Blizzard.

Instagram Photo of the Day:

From me, is another Lens Flare (#10). I liked the look through this tree. I had actually tried to get a spider in the same shot, but the camera doesn’t zoom in on the tiny creatures that well. Oh well.

Gaming Photo:

From Portal 2, I am amused by the look that Wheatley is giving. Really liked his character in the game and I’m giving the campaign a second run through.

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