Personal Musing: 5/13/12…

Ahhhhhhhhh Sundays….
Taking the weekend off clearly did me some good. Felt rejuvenated enough to write that rather epic post tonight o_O. So I went on a weekend trip with a college group called the “Navigators” down to Lincoln City OR for fun on the beach and spiritual musings. It was a lot of fun with a bonfire, volleyball, enough frisbee to make my arm sore lol and just getting to meet new people, from the OSU-branch of the Navs. Someone also told me they read my blog which surprised me, as I haven’t had anyone outside my family & close friends tell me they read it. (Hi btw, you know who you are ;)). Lets see, what else did we do…oh right, people decided to swim in the ocean (dunno why, the water is about the temperature of Antarctica) and we watched Back to the Future #1 last night. We also played late-night-light-tag…which is basically a game where you look straight up at a star, spin around until your ready to fall on your butt and then someone shines a light at you and your supposed to tag them…suffice it to say, a lot of people didn’t hahaha. It was a lot of fun and great to get away from Eugene for a while. That actually will probably help me get through the rest of Spring term, which is looking like “fun” for the last several weeks left to go. It also helped me to decide some things that have been on my mind for the past couple of months. Details to come at a later date…Oh and I did get a sunburn on the back of my neck, though its already going away so not feeling too bad about that. I didn’t wear any sunscreen either, and while a bunch of others got burned, I was just fine. I don’t get it, though its great I don’t have any. I seem immune…

Also, Fringe finale was awesome. I’m so glad it wrapped things up like it did and I look bittersweetly to the final season of the final TV series I’ve really cared about watching.

Blog stuff: I posted a musing on the current situation of the iOS Gaming platform. That post came out of no where for me really, as I didn’t have any plans to publish a musing on the subject. I hope you enjoyed it and I’d love to hear any discussion on the subject.

Just a note, my YouTube Let’s Play series is on hiatus until I fix my mic issues. If you’ve listened to my recordings, you might find it painful to listen to my say S or words with Ses in them. This is due to having a crappy mic. However, I got in touch with a friend of mine, Rick, on cheap ways to fix the problem so I’ll be looking into that this week. I really want to fix that because it slightly bugs my ears and if it bugs my ears, well, it must bother other people as well. I’d like to just straight up replace the mic with something far superior for the job, but I’ve got way too many other expenses right now that have a higher priority that need $$, so a new mic will take some time…time time time…always time.

Didn’t do any gaming over the weekend really, was having too much fun with the trip obviously. Tomorrow is another day!

Instagram Photos of the Day:
There are a lot of good photos today, enjoy!

First one is mine that I took today, I wanted to take a photo of the sun in the lower corner and got this cool, to me, effect out of it. 🙂

Second one comes from “talespodcast” and his photo of a Train Signal. I thought it had a nice look to it. 🙂

Third comes from “Waynehenderson” and is a nice colorful flower shot. Good one!

Finally, we end with a cat photo from my buddy Rick. Hoshi just looks so stern on Mother’s Day, for a momma cat anyway. Quite a fluffy cat too. Enjoy!

And until next time, its a new week and I hope you all are good. 🙂


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