Personal Musing: 5/10/12…

Thursdays and Coats and Winds and Lots and Lots of News Stories apparently…

Sure was a cold day, despite the sun being out. I had my IT test and man, that was more difficult than I thought it was going to be. But despite that, I think I passed it rather well. After the test, I took a bit of time to make sure I knew how long it was going to walk to and from work. This is the only time I’ve wanted a bike this year…oh well, I’ll live. It’ll just make things interesting as always. It just happens that the class I need to get to is on the opposite of campus of where my job is. Yeah…talk about unlucky placement on that class location. But at least I have a job. Tomorrow is my first official day at said job so I’m looking forward to it. The walking? Not so much. Also, what the heck is up with this weekend? I have this trip, Dropquest is on for the weekend, there’s a skype call for TSF, there’s a Starcraft 2 tournament, and something else I’m forgetting. Egah, too much on one weekend! Its crazy I tell you. CRAZYYYYY. Anyway…so yeah. Interesting day today and tomorrow is looking to be a little more insane. I am looking forward to the trip as well :D.

Due to homework, no changes to the blog. Just one of those weeks =.

Tonight I played another fun session of shoot people in the back on accident I mean Left 4 Dead 2. ;). What? My aim isn’t bad. In fact, I was constantly the highest % on the head-shots for zombies. Its just all those other annoying players getting in my way. And I might have gotten access to a grenade launcher….several times….yeah….what happens in L4D2 stays in that game ;). Also played some more Tribes: Ascend though it was just a couple losing matches with MoonshineFox and I grousing about terrible players. Hah. After this blog post I’ll probably play some AVWW. That should be fun. They’ve added a bunch of new monsters and enhanced the game more and I’m hoping to chew on some of that content.

Onto the news: (There is a lot of it, apparently leaving for the weekend does this to me haha)

Hey, hate those annoying ads in DVDs/Blu-Rays that constantly tell you not pirate the DVDs/Blu-Rays even though you bought them legitimately and pirates never ever see them? Well, the US government thought it was such a smashing success that they are including even more unskippable ads telling you not to pirate. The facepalm is so epic at the decision over this. Just so you know, even though you bought it legitimately, the amount of pirates who see these ads? 0.00%. *facepalm* It doesn’t help that there are even more advertisements included in these discs from movie companies either…. is now being blocked by certain European countries. Or at least, they’re trying. However, its easy to get around the “block” and in fact, is causing Pirate Bay to get a huge increase of visitors due to the publicity surrounding this controversial issue. Way to go. This blocking of thepiratebay’s website in the United Kingdom and Dutch countries will not affect it. *sigh*…I could rant on about the subject, but this method just won’t work. As has already been shown.

EA is gloating about its day-one-DLC sales and saying its a smashing success and basically rubbing it in everyone’s faces of how they successfully ripped everyone off despite the controversy. Way to go gamers, you basically proved to them they could do anything and sell massive amounts of day-one-dlc. We can pretty much expect to see more DLC like this in the future and from more than just EA. Sickens me. My opinion is, if you want to sell the game for $80, SELL IT FOR $80. Idk, call me old fashioned, but maybe I’d like to feel that my money was appreciated once in a while. This latest bit by the guy gloating only irritates me more. My boycott of Origin is still ongoing.

Mozilla and Google object to Microsoft locking out their browsers on Windows 8 tablets, saying that it gives Internet Explorer an unfair advantage over Firefox and Chrome. I have to say, MS? Your looking a lot like Apple now. Hell, your actions with Windows 8 are so scarily close to how Apple operates, I can barely tell the difference between you two. I mean, its one thing for Apple to act like a control freak over its OS, that’s been the accepted shtick from them for years, but for you to suddenly turn around and pull the same thing? What the heck is going on here? I will not be personally upgrading to Windows 8 very soon. I don’t like any of what has been going on here. And these latest actions only bring more questions over MS’s intentions for the Windows 8 platform.

Facebook is testing a new way of advertising, by allowing you to pay to have your posts highlighted to your friends. Because, our timelines weren’t messed up enough. I’m not sure what I think about this yet. My knee-jerk reaction is instant-dislike, but at the same time, I have sincere doubts people will actually pay to highlight their posts and if they do, well, the ridicule may stop that activity pretty fast. And then there’s just the point that highlighting your posts is generally pointless, short of advertising products. Idk, it will be interesting to see how many will/won’t use this. I have a feeling it won’t be used. I can’t imagine anyone really paying for FB right now.

An amusing article I forgot to mention yesterday: If the Avengers movie really happened, a company estimates it would cost $160 billion in damages. Youch, that is quite the expensive saving of the world. Granted, it doesn’t help that the battle happened right in the middle of NYC and that quite a number of buildings were destroyed. I even winced a few times when buildings came crashing down a couple times in the movie. Still, a very fun look at the movie. 🙂

Learned something new about Xbox Developing today: If your Minecraft, you get preferential treatment. Also, you, the developer, have to pay for updates to your game that you already spent time and money on……that honestly shocks me that developers have tolerated that policy for so long, considering that none of the modern app stores require payments for every update to your app. Even Valve got fed up with it and quit updating TF2 on Xbox, with the CEO leaving some unhappy comments about the platform. Seriously, that’s just highway robbery in my opinion. I’m curious if PS3 demands that same system or not now….I’m also less than impressed that Minecraft got the preferential treatment that it did. While I realize that its a big developer and its game is crazy popular these days, its…idk. Just distasteful. Especially considering that Microsoft holds so much power over its console. But this gets into a complicated issue I don’t really want to talk about tonight.

Instagram Photo of the Day:

I saw this during the day and instantly knew it was going to be the featured photo. By moyer777, this is an excellent shot, just love it. 🙂

Gaming Photo:

From L4D2, we had just thrown a couple Molotovs on a bunch of zombies so I was right in front of these flames hacking and slashing at any that got through. I happened to snag this excellent shot. Bonus points if you can figure out what level this is lol. 🙂

And wow, this should hold you over till next time I think? Until next time,


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