Personal Musing: 5/9/12…

Wednesdays and being cool…

It was a rather cool day, despite the sun being out. Which is slightly annoying when that happens but there is little you can do about it. So what about today….uhh, I did a lot of homework today. Exciting, I know. Mostly so I didn’t have to worry about it over the trip. Always nice, but it sure sucks the fun out of the day. So much so that I eventually stopped studying for the test tomorrow in order to prevent me from going stir-crazy and actually have a bit of fun. Otherwise, today was fairly uneventful.  With the exception of CRASHING all the time. Had Chrome crash and then Portal 2 crash a half a dozen times. -_-. If anyone needs a program tester for crashing, just ask me. I will crash anything. Anytime. Anywhere. Crash. Urgh. Its annoying as heck. Those iPad apps your so proud of?  I’ll crash them too. I seem to have a knack for breaking things…I can deal with certain issues, but crashing…ugh, it about takes the cake especially when you lose progress on homework. Oh well…….I actually need to get around to reformatting my PC. Its either going to be one of these weekends coming up or after finals week. Depends on my schedule. I actually need to find those backup PC discs…

Blog stuffs and such: nothing done, see above, busy with homework.

Gaming: Opened up the night with a bit of Tribes: Ascend Arena action. I was so-so. Well, ok, on one map I was actually #1. Disregarding that our team lost, I’d say I did pretty darn good lol. Was the soldier for most of the fights. After that, I switched it up to Capture the flag as the Infiltrator and I’m actually getting pretty good at that class. Its also quite fun being able to sneak into the generator room unnoticed and then backstab the technician :D. Was #3 for one of the better matches. After that I stuck my foot into Portal 2 to test out some community made maps. After getting around the annoying crashing issue that happens in the community-section of the menu, the maps were actually quite challenging. Or maybe I’m just bad at puzzles, but either way there are some fun puzzles to play. Portal 2 is one of the few puzzle games I can play and actually enjoy. Tidalis is the other one atm. I guess Bejeweled on my iPhone would have to be the third one, though I enjoy that when I’m on the bus/waiting for it. Anyway, suffice it to say Portal 2 is back for me. I think I’ll even replay the single player campaign and really explore all the nooks and crannies I skipped by. Now if Valve brings in co-op map creations, I’ll be happy as a clam. 🙂  Portal 2 will be a nice offset for balancing my current game library.


Flipboard is now available on select Android Devices. Well…except that someone went and cracked it and made it available for everyone.  Yeah, Flipboard? You might as well just make it available for everyone. Shouldn’t have really bothered making it exclusive on select Droid devices, that is just asking for a crack. Sounds like the app works well too so if your on Android, give it a look. I use it to scan Tech/Apple news as well as look at Instagram photos on my iPad. Works well, ads are fairly conservative and yeah. Something to look at.

Google+’s iPhone app finally got an update to 2.0 to fix the fact that it was completely broken recently. But I am less than happy with it. It doesn’t fix the fact that you can’t edit anything and there is still no iPad app. I wouldn’t be so bothered by the lack of an iPad app if my iPad could actually access the desktop website. It can’t. So I’m still ticked at G+’s lack luster mobile support. Its worse than FB at this point. I realize this is a first world problem, but it doesn’t make it any less annoying. I will give the app credit, putting the circles under a one-click menu is a good idea, the animations look and work well and the app is starting to feel like an app now. I’m still split as to whether making each G+ post as big as the iPhone’s screen is a good idea or not. On the one hand, its a lot easier to view photos, especially albums, media and it looks pretty good. On the other hand, it now requires a lot more scrolling to view your feeds. So idk. Thoughts on this? Otherwise, at least its fixed so I can actually view G+ mobile again. Time will tell whether or not it works “in the field”.

Xenonauts has a kickstarter. I mostly am talking about this due to MoonshineFox. While I might not have played the original game this one is based on, it is very cool what they have gotten done so far and it looks like they’ll be able to get the funding they still need. I wish I could throw support for a kickstarter, but being broke…well…sucks. *sigh*  The game looks promising from what little I’ve read into it though.

Instagram Photo of the Day:

Comes from “kiraniumbra” and his photo of his kid “Daniel”. It was cute. 🙂

Gaming Photo:

Comes from Portal 2, one of the community maps was really well designed, though from what I gather the guy used a mod tool called “Hammer” which was not the one released by Valve recently. But it was still pretty cool.

So until next time, I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you tomorrow!


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