Personal Musing: 5/8/12…

And I’m back!

Yeah, went away for a few days. No real excuse, I was just beat yesterday and suffering major writers block. Which is a pretty good sign I just need to take the day off and not worry about publishing anything. But I’m back and I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff in various stages of writing so there should be some interesting content this week. Hopefully. I spent most of the weekend just trying to get things done and yesterday worked pretty well in that regards. Got all sorts of stuff done. It also helps that I’m identifying time sinks in my day and removing them. Like spending a few too many hours creating arguments on forums when I really should be studying *cough*. Not that I do that or anything. *cough cough*. Today is Tuesday, which means a full day at school. Yay. Not much to talk about other than I ran out of podcasts to listen to. That rarely ever happens and I need new ones. But at the same time I’m busy with YT subs and all other manner of things that demand my attention so its a bit of a rock and a hard place on this issue. Also studying for my IT midterm on thursday…I feel like I’m going to ace it, but also slightly worried that it’ll kick me in the butt. I’ve had teachers pull that on me before where the homework is silly easy and the tests kick your butt out the door. Its not fun. I’m hoping this isn’t a repeat experience, but just in case, obviously studying for it.

Blog stuffs, yeah, meant to work on pages, that clearly didn’t happen. I’m not sure if I’ll get any work done on them either before I leave for my short trip this weekend. Otherwise, I should have at least a musing out sooner rather than later. We will see!

Speaking of trips, due to said >short< trip, there will be no Breath of Death Let’s Play episodes. Schedule just isn’t going to allow that this time. However, it seems that people are enjoying what I’m doing and I had one comment that seems to suggest they liked the ad-lib I did in the latest couple of episodes so I’m going to work on that idea a little more. I doubt I will ever script this series (beyond the in-game text), it would get the flow out of whack and working on scripts right in the middle of Spring term, just doesn’t seem like a great idea.  Though its always possible for the next Let’s Play series. It also helps that I have the three characters’ voices worked out in my head now. I think they’ve been fairly consistent too, in the amateur sort of way ;P.  This Let’s Play has been a very interesting experience indeed.

Otherwise, I downloaded Dwarf Fortress in prep to play that monster of a game. My first initial tip-toes into the game were one of “huh” and “how much do I need to know?!” A lot apparently. Never before have I been unable to simply jump into a game. Guess I shouldn’t be that surprised but still…yikes. Been playing more Tribes Ascend and A Valley Without Wind over the weekend too. Quite a bit of fun and AVWW has been updating with more and more content including monsters, a store and more features. I’ve been fairly slow-paced in AVWW and enjoying it.


Portal 2 released a new update to give players the ability to easily create their own puzzles for single player. I’m actually more excited about this bit of news than maybe I should be, but I enjoyed Portal 2 a lot and to get more playability out of community-made puzzles seems like a fun time. I’ve spent most of the day downloading it, it is a huge game after all, so I haven’t gotten a chance to sink my teeth into the content. Attached to Steam Workshops too which means this will be the first game for me that uses that feature so I’m interested to see how Valve’s much vaunted feature works out. My plan is to try out three of the most popular puzzles and go from there. Create my own? Very unlikely, I’m too busy. Its a free update for everyone that originally owned the game and the game is currently 66% off. This new and easy way to create portal puzzles will also be coming to multiplayer soon(TM) and that’s where I’m really interested to have it. I really enjoyed the multiplayer puzzle solving, its just a pity that once you played the regular puzzles, there was no replayability, but if you add community maps, this should make it more fun. I might replay the campaign as well, just to breathe it all in…

Star Wars the Old Republic seems to be bleeding subscribers in its latest reports, but its blaming the “casual market” for leaving them. I’m of the opinion its more likely the hard core players are leaving due to lack of content, but I’m not 100% certain on that. In any case, its not good for Bioware to lose so many subscribers this early in your game’s lifetime.

Hulu announced recently its going to start requiring you to verify you have a cable subscription in order to watch certain shows on their websites. While the implementation will take years to implement, I am just flabbergasted they are doing this. Why in the heck, would I buy a premium cable service and THEN pay a premium streaming service to play my stuff?  It makes no frakkin sense. And I swear if Netflix even breathes that they want to do this, I will drop them like a bag of rocks off the side of a cliff so fast they won’t know what hit them. I am not going to pay for both cable and Netflix, even if I had the money. Hulu, this is a seriously BAD mistake your pulling here. Your already suffering from popularity issues, don’t compound them by requiring such stupid ideas. I don’t know, I’m so exhausted by these cable companies, of course they support this move by hulu and it makes me worry they’ll bend Netflix’s arm to do the same thing. Just don’t Netflix. Trust me, you think that loss of customers last year was bad?  This loss will be even worse if you think its a good idea.

Instagram photo of the day:

Double photo today. First one comes from “talespodcast” and his picture of the “Super moon”. Very nice shot Al!

Second photo comes from me, I took this shot while I was waiting for the bus and it turned out very well.  🙂 The Rising Sun…

Gaming Photo of the Day:

Shot of my settlement in A Valley Without Wind as I added more buildings and I play around with it more. 🙂  I put in a feature request for a house and hoping the devs can/will implement it in settlements. Here’s hoping, I think it would be a great >vanity< feature. 🙂

Second photo is of Tribes: Ascend and I was playing as the Inflitrator, looking for MoonshineFox and where he was sniping from because he had killed me but I managed to get this nice shot of the area.

And until next time, I hope you enjoyed this post and I will talk to you all later!


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