Personal Musing: 5/5/12…


At least, that’s what people keep saying on G+ anyway. Oh Saturday, today just felt like time flew by more ridiculously fast than ever before and I feel unproductive. Both in gaming and getting stuff done. Dunno how that worked out :(. And yet I got stuff done so maybe my expectations were just too high?  I dunno. Sorta a weird mishmash of feelings on that. So I’m sitting here, the window is open, Eve Online soundtrack is running and the moon is bright and full in the sky. I’m probably going to go for a late evening stroll, just to get a good look at it. Anyways, I watched Fringe and….WOW…that show, I am going to miss the crap out of it when it finishes next season. Its just so epic and all these things happen and egah!  Its good. Also contemplating shutting down my GetGlue account…its just not doing anything for me. Dunno, just random thought on that.

Blog: No posts. Hence the lack of productive feeling today.

I uploaded my latest two episode of Breath of Death VII: The beginning Let’s Play. These ones took some time due to a mistake I made and didn’t realize until after I had rendered and compressed the video so that sucked up a lot of CPU time today. Erk…But hey, they are done and ready to enjoy so I hope you do. Comments are always appreciated.

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Instagram Photo of the Day:

Ok, seriously, I wasn’t intending on Caturday to actually apply to this blog post, but I don’t select the Instagram photos until I get to this section in my writing. And…it just so happens that these two photos stood out on my photo feed.  Its amusing how that works out. Anyway, the first is from dasone86 and I’m assuming that’s his cat, though there is no caption for it. Its seriously way too cute.

The next one is from my good buddy Rick Moyer and his birthday cat. Excellent shot Rick, really well done :). I really like the eyes on this photo.

Gaming Photo of the Day:

Comes from A Valley Without Wind and I was exploring the caves when I stumbled upon this very cool looking red background. That’s pretty much the only reason I’m including it here :).

And I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, I will see you soon!


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