Personal Musing: 5/4/12…

Its friday friday…err

Hello and welcome back to Friday. Or at least it was, this PM is going out just a tad late. So this personal musing is going to be short, yet again. Oh well. I’ll be back into it. Today…today today today was mostly about the job orientation and the nerves that came around with that. Job orientation went fine and dandy, nothing really to report. Got some other minor small fry stuff done as well as a blog post. Meant to do more, just didn’t happen. Oh well. Hopefully my productivity swings to a more positive side this weekend and man is it going to be busy or what. Not enough time I tell you, NOT ENOUGH TIME. Â đŸ˜‰

Blog stuff: Posted a broken review on Braid. Hoping to have at least one more post up this weekend. We’ll see.

Finally, I got to watch the Avengers tonight. Freaking awesome. That movie was. My brother, roommate and a couple friends of said roommates went to watch a 10:00pm showing of it and the theater was quite packed. We then went and got frosties after the movie. đŸ˜› Joss Whedon still has it in him and the movie had a great pace, great visuals, great action and awesome character moments and growth. Why this guy doesn’t have more respect in his industry I will never know. I really had more fun with this movie than I can remember having in a theater lately. All the characters have solid roles, Tony Stark was just nailing it with his performance and so was everyone else. And there were even some really good moments where you felt a lot of sympathy for the heroes. For a two and a half hour film, the time certainly flew by. I’m glad I got the chance to see it. I definitely give the movie a solid recommendation to go and see. Thanks to my brother and friends for giving me the chance to see it when I did :D.

Instagram photo of the day:

By DannieDavies23, shot of a train station, dunno where.

No gaming photo, just not a lot of chances for it today. Twas busy with other things.

Until next time, I will talk to you all later and I hope you have an awesome weekend.


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