Personal Musing: 5/3/12…

Thursday’s and flair…

Idk why, I just thought that sentence worked today. I come up with random words in my head and smash them together, usually they work, today, that sentence makes absolutely no sense. *shrug*. My mind…anyway, today’s PM is going to be shorter than most. News was fairly dull and I didn’t want to rehash some subjects again and I figured maybe I needed to chill anyway after two days of…slightly ranty PMs eh?  Heh. So today was both very productive and very lazy for me. Yeah, I know. On the one hand, I splurged more gaming hours than maybe I should have, *coughs* but on the other hand I got my homework done for both classes that needed it. Sooooo…kinda odd day….. Tomorrow is orientation for my new job which I’m looking forward to. In that nervous, I hope I don’t screw it up sort of way. Bah, I’m sure I’ll be fine. :). Granted, how one can screw up orientation is a little beyond me…*shrug*. Otherwise, business as normal, just trying to get things done as best I can.

So I mentioned gaming. I got a little too sucked into Open TTD with MoonshineFox and Ceras plus a number of hours killing zombies in Left for Dead 2. L4D2 was quite a bit of fun.  I never got the chance to play much L4D2 when I originally got it so I jump at the chance to play more of it. I have always liked Valve’s games because they always seem to have that real-world feeling to them that few other developers capture. Its the…atmosphere of it. Hard to explain, they just get it right. In Open TTD, the three of us were just messing around, trying to out-profit each other with trains. I was last, but then again, I came into the current game last (stupid timezone difference) so yeah. That game is a little too…addictive if you don’t watch yourself. But fun nonetheless.

No instagram photo, nothing really stood out today.

Gaming Photo of the day:

A picture from the L4D2 PVE campaign we did. I realized after we were done that my video settings were set ridiculously low, dunno why, but once I pumped them up, the game looks a lot better. So whoops on that.

Bonus photo for being a slacker on these, from Tribes Ascend, I was a Pathfinder setting up my run for the flag. I tried about 6 times and failed every time, though once I got a high speed grab and managed to make it half way across the map before a shrike killed me.  Darn thing. We lost the game, unsurprisingly.

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