Personal Musing: 5/2/12…

Wednesdays indeed…

Gotta love the Wednesdays right? At least, for me its not so bad. My day was actually quite good overall. Classes are less and I can work on stuff. Like a Spanish test I had to do today. It was an oral exam and while it started out pretty rough, I managed to get back into the flow of the test pretty quickly so I feel fairly confident about it. Basically, I tripped up in the beginning and forgot what I was going to say x_X. I guess nerves in front of the teacher still happens.  Oh well. I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’ve done far worse in oral exams and I managed to pass them. So that’s something. Otherwise, I worked on a personal project of mine as well as homework for art. So much to do…so little time. Tomorrow I’ll have to work on that IT homework, though I took a peek and it looks pretty short, which is good because its due next week heh. Anyway….nothing more to say really. Just business as usual. Nothing to report on the blog front either, but I’m working on stuff both on-“paper” and in my head when I can.

Tech/Gaming news:

YouTube/Google is experimenting with a new version of liking for YouTube videos. Instead of just a general like from your YouTube account, you have to upgrade and get a G+ account and then you get to like it. Its still being tested by Google, so only a select amount of all users can see it, but let me just say this Google: Don’t do it. It already caused quite the ragestorm on the internet. Like it or not, people don’t want another social network and forcing G+ further down people’s throats is a bad idea. YouTube is a social network of its own and forcing G+ on everyone that doesn’t want it, is going to backfire hard in your face. Not to mention, think of the producers on YouTube right now that make a living on your service. Likes are one of the ways they make money and by forcing G+ liking, that will cause less liking by people that don’t want to join G+ and thus cause issues for people trying to make a living.  If Google+ should be doing anything right now, its fixing their broken apps, getting an iPad app already, fixing their terrible mobile interface and breaking down some of the sharing barriers to the service that are in place right now. Quit forcing this social network down our throats. Yes, I am on Google+ right now, but that’s my choice. I should also mention, I am just fine and dandy hitting the +1 button when I’ve hit the Like button. If it isn’t broken, quit trying to fix it…

*sighs* first world problems indeed….

So some people were less than thrilled to hear that EA’s Rock Band for iOS would be closing down at the end of the month. To put it lightly. They were even less thrilled when EA claimed it was a server bug and was not supposed to happen. Wow, that was one heck of a bug, considering it pushed that message to all iOS devices and just happened to leave a note in your website’s FAQ page about the shutdown. hahahhahahahahahahaahahaha, that, that takes the cake right there. I have to agree with the sentiment on this one, its a brazen lie. What happened is that EA figured, they could just shut down Rock Band and no one would notice, much less care. When the reaction online was the exact opposite of this, they decided to pull a “bug” out of their hat and use that as a scapegoat to save face. Except, not even that’s working. EA just seems to go out of its way to shoot itself in the foot every week. Don’t even get me started on the irony of EA doing a bundle of Indie games through Steam here recently. *sighs*.  And apparently EA just couldn’t publish to Steam for whatever reason that was…and here we have that…right…

Hmm, good news…we must have had good news today…*checks archives*…there was an article about Steam going to allow you to remotely manage your games on your computers. That’s a nice little addon. Buy a game and have it installed by the time you get home. Pity I can’t buy any games right now X_X…but new features is always a good thing.

Anyway, yeah, there you go. My thoughts on all that fun stuff.

I’ve been playing Zombie Pirate Robot Attack on my iPad for the past couple of days, which is an interesting game. Not sure what I think of it yet. Its a pretty unknown game though and I’m not recommending it just yet. I’ve also been playing OpenTTD today which has been a bit more fun than I really expected to revisit that game. I did play it…oh idk, about a year or so ago. Sure feels like a year anyway. So to come back to the game, I didn’t expect it to be that much fun. Maybe I should quit having expectations from now on…*slaps self*. Though, granted, we didn’t play around with the mods last time and there are a ton for the game so we’ve been experimenting with those and building lots and lots and lots of trains. Yay trains :D.

Instagram Photo of the Day:

Is mine, from my walk, I happened to notice this low hanging branch with pinecones on it.  Looked neat.

No gaming photo, I didn’t take any today.

And until next time, I hope your all well.


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