Personal Musing: 5/1/12…

Erk….what a day O_o….

May 1st, what a day you started out as. So after taking forever to get up, and get to an 8am class, to studying all day for class, to reading some really annoying and disappointing news to finally ending the night, I feel exhausted.  Good grief, I am tired.  But I am here to muse and speak my mind so let’s speak hmm? So, unsurprisingly, I studied Spanish. Yeah, that’s not shocking at all at this point ;). Had a test today (and tomorrow) and I feel pretty good about it. Tomorrow…well, it hasn’t happened so *shrug*, we’ll see. Other than that, progress has been made on where I’m living next year and at this point, waiting to see what happens with my job. I have it obviously, just haven’t done any work yet.

What about the blog? I’m still debating on what I’m going to talk about next. And I won’t be posting anything until after the test tomorrow, then I’ll have something up that night/next day. I will also have an update on Ongoing-reviews and what that exactly means soon too. I haven’t worked out entirely what that means and you’ll find out later why and what and etc. Also hoping to bring Tower of Light out of BETA by this Sunday, as well as fixing up Tower of Darkness and getting that all squared away. Those two pages have been bothering me for the longest time and its long overdue I fixed them up.

Also, I am bothered by the sword that is currently being used as the background of my blog. Its the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda, in case you didn’t know, and was an artist rendition that I found on the interwebs. It bothers me because its not mine. And I’m not really comfortable with the continued usage of it either. It has been a great background for sure, but I want to move all my stuff that is uniquely my own, or at the very least, public domain. Hence why my avatar is no longer Link. But I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement for it so far and I can’t afford an artist either so I’m kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place on that issue right now. No, I haven’t been asked to remove it and I’m certainly not legally required to do so, but it bothers me. Idk, any suggestions here would be great. If I could drop the cold hard cash on an artist, I would but I’ve got much higher priorities than my blog so I’m just speaking my mind atm.

Tech & Gaming news:  <–I….I don’t know what to say about this…this idiot. I may no longer be in the console crowd, but even I can see that getting rid of used games is an incredibly stupid idea. He makes the claims that people will buy less games and that’s good for everyone. Uh, no. It means less sales period. Or has he forgotten that everyone right now has a very limited budget and can’t buy $60 games at the drop of a hat? Its also amusing that he thinks less games sales means that his games will be bought more, I wonder if it ever occurred to him that it might cause gamers to quit buying his games? Heck, the last $60 game I bought was Starcraft 2 and that was a year ago. Now, most of my purchases are restricted to around $20 or less. Thankfully, Indie games tend to stick to this price point. Granted, a lot of the problems come from Gamestop not giving the devs even a small amount of their profits to them. I get that. But making used games out to be the scapegoat of why there is constant rehashes of FPS online multiplayer shooters is downright laughable. The reason there are so many is because that is where the money is, or at least that’s where the dev teams believe it is so obviously it is. We’ll just ignore that Minecraft is currently making hand over fist on its game. It is all in your corner devs as to why there is constant rehashes. Yes, there is a very profitable FPS market, though it is currently being flooded and if you tried to stretch your wings out into other genres, didn’t scam us to death with your asinine pricing schemes and actually made good games, we, the customers would return the favor with good sales, maybe even great. Funny, used games have been around since the NES era, but geez, you’d swear all of the sudden its the main reason its killing the gaming market.  ::) Don’t blame used games for poor sales. With the stupid DLC scams, poor quality games and other dumb ideas you’ve been coming up with lately, its little wonder that people buy them used.  Well, at least that’s what I think, but what about you?  Do you truly believe that the used games market and piracy (as mentioned in the article) is hurting the game industry?  Leave a comment.

RIM was found to be behind the “WAKE UP” campaign in Australia.,2817,2403815,00.asp I kinda want to believe they were being ironic on purpose, that would make sense anyway. I would say this has been the most epic-fail-advertising-campaign because the initial reaction was that it was Samsung trying to advertise their phones…so basically, RIM helped Samsung advertise. *facepalm*. This coming from RIM, a once respectable tech company…now fallen to this. Someone(s) just got fired, more than likely. Especially since they failed to sell their platform. Also, they announced Blackberry 10, though its release date is still “to be determined” so….we’ll see eh?  RIM’s future is looking pretty bad at this point…

I saw that Ngmoco was closing down its Eliminate (FPS game) servers later this month. I’m honestly surprised that any of its game’s servers are still up at this point, they’ve been having to fire workers too as their profits continue to tumble downhill and I’m fairly certain that the company that bought them is regretting their decision, as Ngmoco has been falling apart since that acquisition. You reap what you sow I guess…

Instagram of the day:

Comes from “warrennoa” and is an interesting sea-shell arrangement. The picture just looked sharp.

Game photo of the day:

One of the aspects I like about any game, be it Terraria or A Valley Without Wind, is the ability to modify and decorate your home how you want. I love that AVWW does and I got do some of that a few days ago and these are the results, nothing spectacular, but it shall improve slowly. 🙂

And until next time, I hope you all are having an awesome day.  I hope you enjoyed this PM, if you didn’t, let me know and I’ll continue to improve.  Thanks! 🙂


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