Personal Musing: 4/29/12…

The weekends indeed…

Well, my weekend went pretty darn well if you ask me. Except for my Let’s Play stuff, but I’ll talk about that later on in this post. During all the craziness I mostly spent time playing games with friends as I like to do on the weekend as well as catch up on podcasts and other general stuff. Also studied Spanish and if that’s sounding like a broken record at this point, it is. ;). Got another test to get ready for, though at this point, it feels like that’s all we do in this class, get ready for the next test which is about 2 weeks away X_x…its a bit too crazy of a schedule imho.

Blog wise, I meant to work on a post today, but well, silly stuff happened so…*shrug*. Only so much time in the day darnit!!  😉

So my Let’s Play stuff got….idk, all sorts of complicated this week. The main reason nothing was published until late tonight was, well, a variety of reasons. When I got up and going Saturday, I just had no enthusiasm for doing the series. So I pretty much canned any idea of trying to do it when the most I could get was “meh” out of me ;). Otherwise, the episodes would have been pretty uninteresting. So I delayed it till Saturday.  Instead, I worked on the intro text as well as tweaking the audio to be better. When I got up Sunday/today, I was in better spirits and felt like I wanted to do it. Which is the best time. But ofc, in typical computer fashion, I had to have a program pull a bunch of crashing on me so I changed some settings, did several test recordings and other stuff to ensure that the episode would come out and finally got it working. And then got it recorded and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. And then I got distracted by a multiplayer gaming session with my friends MoonshineFox and Ceras in Open TTD or Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe. As my computer is a duo-core system, it can’t handle a ton of multitasking going on so I had to leave the episodes in raw form until I could get around to them later. When I do get around to them and finished, I uploaded the 9th episode and YouTube tells me its too long and removes it.  My first reaction was “nooooooooo” because the thought of editing episode 9 down to 15mins was an unbearable thought right now. I just don’t have the extra time tonight x_x. But after looking up the internet, apparently you can extend the amount of time you can have per episode by verifying your YouTube account which I hadn’t done. So I did that and presto, fixed that problem. So Episode 9 and 10 were uploaded in quick order which I’m thankful I didn’t have to do any heavy editing. So that’s the fun and excitement of being on YouTube and uploading videos. Its all an adventure…hehe.

Episode 09:

Episode 10:

For gaming it was a mix of Tribes: Ascend and OpenTTD, though not much Tribes. I tried playing Inflitrator, Brute and Technician and pretty much sucked at all of them lol. After that, I played OpenTTD with friends as I mentioned above. Its a fun game with friends and gives off a lot of SimCity 2000 vibes. Its also a giant time sink if I’m not careful lol. After this post probably going to do some A Valley Without Wind to get some progress. :).

Instagram Photo of the Day:

From my good friend “Moyer777”, comes this cute kitty paw. I guess Rick got a new lens for his iPhone and it sounds like one I took a look at months ago. If I don’t upgrade my iPhone this year, I might get new lenses for the one I have right now. We shall see. Enjoy this photo:

No gaming photo, I didn’t take any x_X. Bad King, I know, I’ll include two next time around :).

Until next time…


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