Personal Musing: 4/27/12…

Oh the joys of weekends :)…

Today was fairly productive. Got to watch a little “On the Rocks”, an singing group. Besides that, mostly a focus on spanish. Other than that, not much to talk about. Just looking for a place to live this summer/next year. That’ll be fun. Fridays are fairly calm anyway, so not much to talk about really. Oh, I’m going to try out this “Stitcher Radio” app that I keep hearing so much about. Its basically a streaming program for podcasts, internet and live radio. Be interesting to see how it works “in the field” as streaming is a bit touchy around here.

So my Avast Antivirus program kept saying that I had an attempted trojan attack for at the same time for two days now. This was, obviously, very concerning. What was odder still is that it was saying that the source of the virus was coming from an old blog RSS feed. That made me scratch my head, I currently use Google Reader to maintain my RSS feeds and I hadn’t had that particular RSS feed in a long time. Even disregarding that, Google Reader doesn’t install anything onto your machine, it is after all, a web app. So I checked what I had previously used, Outlook. There was the feed so I deleted it, along with all the others figuring that would solve it.  Avast caught the trojan again tonight so I decided to dig into the web to find out what was going on. Apparently IE9 also had the feed and was also updating it in the background on a daily basis. So that made sense and I deleted all the feeds in IE9, plus disabling the auto-update feature. It is very nice to know that Microsoft’s “revolutionary” browser nearly got my computer OS destroyed. Yeah, I know, don’t have a bad RSS feed, but I’d say its a pretty giant security hole to have there Microsoft, all things considered. So that made my night “fun”. Oh well. Onward and forward.

I played some Tribes Ascend today with MoonshineFox.  Split between being a soldier in Team Deathmatch and Doombringer in capture the flag. Although my team in capture the flag was so bad that I was able to get the #1 position as the doombringer and we lost 0-5. Wow. Had 7 kills too if I remember correctly. After that I worked on other stuff that needed to get done so not too much for gaming.

Tech News:

CISPA passed through the House and is now in the Senate. Its basically a bill that allows tech companies to hand over user information to the government if they are even possibly involved in cybercrime. The tech companies don’t have to request your acceptance of the handing over or even notify you of it. The language is vague and broad and it could lead to serious abuse. So its considered a really bad bill that could destroy our privacy laws. But hey, our government is looking to pass it anyway… >=(. I sincerely hope President Obama vetoes it if it passes through the Senate, which is currently being hammered by petitions and letters to not support the bill. He did make a statement of threatening to veto the bill so some hope, but actions do speak a lot louder than words…I’m not holding my breath on it…*sigh*, I say again, the government has no right to pass laws on something that it does not understand. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even contemplate passing bills like this.

Meanwhile, AT&T Stockholders voted down a measure that would require the carrier to follow a net neutrality proposal. -_-….ugh. Truly, a company I can support.  Not. Its looking more and more possible that I’ll be dropping them this year…but that’s still being debated right now, Verizon isn’t much cleaner right now.

Gaming News:

Tribes: Ascend announced that after two weeks of being in 1.0+, it has over 800,000 registered users. That’s pretty much it, its fairly impressive I’d say though.

Not much else to talk about today, fairly quiet in the news.

Instagram Photo of the Day:

Comes from “billybob476” with a very tasty picture of Short ribs.  Just going to blame the lateness when I write these posts that this pic caught my eye lol. Its possible I have the munchies 😛

Gaming Photo of the Day:

Comes from Tribes: Ascend as I was fighting in Team Deathmatch. I was trying to get up to this high point that MoonshineFox was sniping from and managed to take this photo of some of the desolate land. Enjoy!

So until next time, I hope you enjoyed and I will talk to you later!


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