Personal Musing: 4/26/12…

Rain and thursdays…

Thursday, yet another long school day. Not much to really talk about, other than I had a test today and that went interestingly…we’ll see how well I did.  I’m not really sure. Other than that, I spent most of it just doing random tasks and trying to get some stuff done. I’m way ahead of my homework curve for once so that’s making it easy. So….yeah.  Exciting stuff. I gotta say. Its not that I don’t do anything in a day, I just don’t do anything worth mentioning on my blog hah.  I am looking forward to the weekend though. Alrighty then, off on some news then.

Blog wise, I published a few posts, my musing on STALKER 2’s development being frozen for good and my Broken Review on Overlord 1 & 2.  I’ll be making some changes to the blog after I publish this personal musing that will make it easier to find stuff on the blog. :). And that’s it, more content is on the way. Soon(TM). 😉

I submitted a comment to the latest Upper Memory Block podcast episode and it just got published tonight. I’m currently listening to it as I write this so hopefully it sounds good.  This episode is all about SimCity and SimCity 2000. Joe’s been doing a good job on his podcasts so far. Give it a listen if your interested in those games.

And I’ve been going through my Steam list and basically doing spring cleaning and removing games I have no interest in playing.  These games pretty much came from years ago when I was experimenting with various different genres (as I had just discovered steam at the time) and some come from the Humble Indie bundles.  Those games from the bundles tended to be uninteresting/dull.  My steam library sure seems a lot smaller now…though my hardrive has a lot more space now lol.  I also deleted other games I had already finished like Mass Effect 1 & 2. The upside to this “spring cleaning” is that I have more room for new games and there is one free, rather popular, if niche game that’s been on my radar for a while now. So I’ll probably be giving it a try here soon.  Any guesses as to what that could be?  Leave a comment.  Totally not a plug to comment.  ;).  The other upside is that I can focus on games I want to play which I still haven’t finished, but am under no compulsion to finish them ASAP. You’ll also likely start seeing more broken reviews as I go through the list of them.

Gaming news

I already talked about STALKER 2 in the other post so I’ll talk about Nintendo seeing their first operating loss in over thirty years.  That was a bit surprising and yet not surprising to find out. Fact of the matter is, Nintendo hasn’t been innovating too well in the past decade and is seeing its market share deteriorate more and more. Why? Because Nintendo really only markets itself to the casual gamers. Problem is, with the iPhone, iPad, Farmville/Facebook and Droid devices getting extremely popular with the casual gaming market, they’re starting to lose customers. Why spend the money on a DS when your phone can do many of the same things?  Anyway, maybe this will wake up Nintendo. Time will tell…

Valve revealed that Portal 2 will soon be getting its level editor in the new free dlc pack: “Perpetual Testing Initiative”.  On May 8th. I am quite interested in this, as its using steam workshop to distribute puzzles made by other people. It would certainly let me play Portal 2 again and I really quite enjoyed Portal 2. But we’ll see if its worth the fuss or not. Its single-player only for right now, but co-op will be coming in a later update.  So that’s some fun and good stuff.  🙂

A Valley Without Wind has apparently been selling very well. Won’t know how good its selling for a while, but it looks like Arcen is secure to develop for it for the near future anyway, which makes me glad. I’ve been having fun with it when I get the chance to play it :).

Tech news

I didn’t get time to really read much today and the quick scan I managed to do didn’t reveal anything worthwhile imo. So nothing today.

Instagram photo of the day:

Comes from moyer777 with his cat all stretched out like a pancake. Silly cat…

Gaming Photo of the day:

Comes from A Valley Without Wind, I was exploring the caves when I came across this moss/grass covered building. It just looked interesting to me, the graphics are pretty darn nice for this game and something is always catching my attention.

So until next time, I hope your all well!


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