Personal Musing: 4/24/12…

Cooler days…

Today was me at school, being productive.  There isn’t much to say really, other than just getting back into the grind of it all. Got a test this week among other things. So yay, busy busy busy I am. Yeah, there really isn’t all that much to say about today….thinking over it.  Although I could have sworn there was something….oh well.  Not important. Btw, Eureka.  WOW that is some good episodes on Hulu right now. I can’t say much more than that. (Spoilers and such). But go watch the new episodes on Hulu, they are…wow.  And Fringe, WOW that show is just awesome. Yeah, I know, talking about TV is what I rarely blog about. But I’ve got jackall to talk about today so I figured I’d throw something in :P.

Nothing much to report blogging wise, other than I’ve been getting an insane amount of views the past couple of days and I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying what I write :D. I’m still working on the schedule for this week and next week when I get the chance between homework stuffs.

Tech news:

Google Drive was announced today after MS Skydrive announced its pricing scheme.  The internet of course was abuzz with how Google had won and Dropbox/Box/everyone else was instantly dead in the water. *rolls eyes*. I have nothing against Google, but I wish the internet would quit saying that when something new came out, everything else is dead. It doesn’t work that way people, quit making it seem like it does. Dropbox and the rest will adapt, THEN, if they fail to adapt correctly, they die. That rant aside, its an interesting product.  Integrated as it is with Google Docs and G+, it certainly sets itself apart. For those that have it, good luck. Though I think the Google’s privacy policy is a bit questionable on it.

Otherwise, not much to talk about, its been a fairly light day due to all the hubbub about Google Drive and the Cloud competition.

Gaming news:

A Valley Without Wind is now on Steam and is doing well at #5 in the Top Sellers list as of this posting.  Hopefully that lasts a while. I, of course, published a review on it.  As if you probably didn’t read that enough times this week ;). But its looking hopeful for Arcen in any case.

I got no gaming time today, 🙁 oh the hardship of a busy life.  😉  Actually, that’s not quite true, I got to play, for half an hour, SimCity 2000.  Now I know what your thinking, isn’t that a really old game?  Yeah, it is.  It was gifted to me by billybob476 and I am very grateful to him. Its been a blast from the past, SimCity 2000 was one of the first games I ever played on the PC and this Special Edition is just way too cool. Its been enhanced by and works very well.  It brings back a lot of good memories of this game. I was never good at it back then, but I had a ton of fun with it. I’ll be quite happy to sink my teeth into it more now, now that I have a clue of what I’m actually doing xD. The game has surprisingly held up well over the years. I mean sure, its no modern looking game, but it has a nice timeless feeling and is very, if surprisingly, functional. And that’s great to see.  Its $5.99 on and worth it because they actually make sure it works on your modern PC, since it was originally designed for the 95 machines. Anyway, just a real nostalgic feeling with this game, which is so rare for me, so I’m planning on enjoying it.  🙂

Instagram of the Day:

From “Danny Davies”, just seemed like an interesting salad.

Gaming Pic of the day:

This is actually an instagram photo of SimCity 2000 because Steam didn’t take the photo…I’m guessing it didn’t load.  Or something. I’ll figure it out. *shrug* Enjoy.

Ahh the memories…

Until next time…


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