Update: Blog “Rate This” System Removal…

Hey guys, just throwing out a quick update about the like/dislike rating system.  Its going away.  I feel that the like/dislike system I’ve had in the blog is completely ineffective for feedback.  Plus its also mostly unused.  And it clutters the bottom of my posts with useless stuff so I’m going to take it out, I’ve never much liked it anyway.  So just throwing this update out there to let you know.

That said, the WordPress Like system will stay for the foreseeable future.  I have no qualms with it and it seems to get some use as well.  Granted, I haven’t actually looked to see if I can remove that from the blog so it may not even be possible lol!  😉  On a side note, you can now easily share to more services with one less click :).

Plus, you should check out the latest review I did ;).

If you want to see it stay/return, leave a comment.

Until next time…


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