Personal Musing: 4/23/12…

Mondays upon Mondays…

Just another a-typical monday today.  Hot as well, we hit at least 80 degrees F which surprised me.  I guess spring is like that out here…nothing much to talk about really, I did some blog work, some RL-stuffs like figuring out where I’m going to live next year and worked on spanish.  Also enjoyed the warm weather.  I really dislike the cold, rainy weather.  Spending 20 odd years in a rain-filled town makes you tire of it and I heard that Eugene had good weather, but hadn’t seen it until now.  But I’m glad to see it now!  Yay!  Anyway…that’s about it.  Nothing really exciting beyond a work filled day.

Blog wise, well, I was putting in some hours on it heh.  I published my new review of A Valley Without Wind and am quite happy with how it turned out.  It is actually a slightly longer review than my Tribes Ascend one funny enough.  Doubtful I’ll go any longer, but I never imagined doing such long ones in the first place so I guess anything is possible.  I also did some polishing, additions and tweaks to the AVWW review as a final edit so if you already read it, you should read it again ;).  The general gist is still the same, I just wanted to do a final polish and it reads squeaky clean now :D.  And if you missed it, I published my review of the Anomaly Podcast as well.  I also did some tweaking and adding to the bar of the blog as you can see to the right.  I added recent posts and top posts.  We’ll see if those stay or not.  I also worked on the Tower of Light page but the first idea I had for it fell through and wordpress doesn’t allow it so I’m “going back to the drawing board” to work on another idea.  I also got rid of the side bar for both Tower of Light and Darkness for more room.  I will be taking advantage of that new space in future updates (soonTM).  So yes, plenty of blog related stuff before I go back into the grind of school x_x.

As for what’s coming next, I am not sure.  AVWW and Tribes Ascend were my big posts and I’m currently going over my notes to decide what next to do.  I think I’ll be publishing a couple more broken reviews over the next week but beyond that, not sure.  I have to think on it.  So, keep watching, I’ll have more content ready and down the pipeline after a few days I’m sure.

Just another random thought about my reviews.  With many videogames, they are published on more than one digital distribution store and I usually only include the original website for the devs and Steam store.  The reason why is because I’m currently using Steam as my digital store right now and I know it works.  With Gamers Gate or other digital stores, I’m sure they work, but I’ve held a rule on this blog to only talk about things I have first hand experience with.  I have experience with Steam.  So its not necessarily a slight against other stores, I just don’t have an account with them right now.  However, I do link to the main website which has the download links anyway so…*shrug*.  Anyway, just randomly thought of that today while going over the AVWW review.  This also applies to podcast reviews which link to iTunes.  I know its available in more places, I just have no experience with them.

News….hmm.  Dropbox got updated to 1.3.35 which now lets you share your all your files and folders easily via a web link.  I like the change, though I’ll probably still stick to my public folder + shared folders as I have been but having the feature there is nice.

I saw an article with a headline that said “Anonymous is the most feared threat by IT professionals”.  I had to laugh at that.  Really?  Anonymous?  I’m more worried about the hacker group that we don’t know about than these people.  The worst damage Anon seems capable of doing is DDOSing which, is barely all that damaging in the long run.  It just shuts down some websites temporarily.  Hardly all that threatening in my opinion.

Microsoft announced its new tier pricing scheme for Skydrive, an “alternative” to Dropbox and other cloud systems.  Its a fairly typical pricing scheme, 7GB is free and it goes all the way up to 100GB for $50 a year with a few other tiers added in.  Its nice and adds competition.  At 100 GB for $50 a year, that severely undercuts Dropbox’s 100 GB for $199 a year.  That is, of course, if you trust Microsoft with your data in the cloud and I personally don’t trust MS’s cloud.  Plus, Dropbox comes with a lot of integration with many various apps so Dropbox has some time to adjust its pricing scheme if they feel the need.  For those on the MS service though, that’s certainly a plus.

Netflix is blasting Comcast for them not applying their internet caps equally to their Xfinity Xbox app for streaming content.  I didn’t know Comcast had a 250 GB monthly residential limit either and that’s really unfortunate to see….I really hope that trend doesn’t spread around (but unfortunately I’ll bet it will >=(….*sigh*).  However, Comcast doesn’t track data usage through that app, but it will if you use similar services like Hulu and Netflix & Netflix’s CEO is attacking them for not following net neutrality.  I agree with the CEO, this isn’t net neutrality and I can’t believe Comcast is already doing this.  I was hoping we would avoid this for a couple more years, but it looks like I was dead wrong.  But here it is and I guess we need to deal with it.  Frakkin companies….

Instagram photo of the day:

Comes from “amazon626” who posted a cute picture of her kid window washing.  I don’t know why I liked it, it was just cute.  And I’m not one to be suckered by kids being cute either o_O.  Anyway, there you go:

And no, there is no rhyme or reason as to why a picture might get featured.  I just pick what stands out in some way.

Gaming Pic:

This photo in A Valley Without Wind I really wanted to put into the review, but just didn’t quite have the right place for it.  This giant pyramid can be entered too.  Hope you enjoy :).

And until next time…


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