Personal Musing: 4/21/12…

Ahh saturdays…

After what looked like a bad overcast day, the weather turned around and got really good and warm.  Was nice to just stand outside for a few hours and soak it in.  Also, remember what I said about not having a fan in my apartment yesterday?  Well, slap me silly because I kinda forgot that I had a ceiling fan in it.  Yes, I know.  How silly of me to forget that I had it up there, but to be fair, it blends in with the ceiling and I haven’t used it in months.  x_x…still, that was fail.  Oh well.  Today was a highly productive day on my personal projects and just generally enjoyable and sunny.  I spent a chunk of it catching up on Let’s Plays and other YouTube series that I’ve fallen behind on.  So yes, a great day indeed… 🙂

Blogging, I published my new podcast review for the month on the Anomaly Podcast.  I also worked on my next game review which I hope to have done soon.  So that’s good stuff :).

I also did an audio comment for the Memory Block Podcast today and I’ll put that in a personal musing when the podcast is released, also did another one for the Anomaly podcast.

I also published my next two videos in my Let’s Play: Breath of Death series.  These were pretty rough, in my opinion, but I thought I did a good enough job commentating that I put them up anyway.  Next episode will be better.  Yeah, I keep saying that, but its no less true.  :).  Its been an interesting learning experience.  So…the reason I might sound a little frustrated at the end of 7 is that my original method of recording these videos was to save at the beginning and end of the episodes.  This was a quality thing in that if I ever screwed up the episode too much with lame dialogue or just yawn-worthy stuff, that I’d just be able to go a save back and start over again.  However, what I failed to realize is that this game makes you lose.  Often.  So uhh, yeah…my original method was a very, very bad idea.  I have never played Breath of Death before so that also counts against me.  When I realized this, I decided to throw that plan out and go with a new plan.  So what my plan is, is to save more often during videos, especially before a boss.  I will continue to keep losses in the video, unless I am dying way too often, then I’ll just creatively edit the video.  But with the more constant saving, I won’t lose too much progress that it gets annoying.  And that’s the plan from here on out.  I’m also going to try and get the voices to work better, but at this point, my voice acting still isn’t that good so in time, I hope, it will get better.  I’m also hoping after I finish up my next game review I can focus on getting the intro-text better, but we’ll see.  Its not a high priority right now.  So on with the episodes!

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

As always, comments on this series is welcomed.

Gaming wise, I’m planning on playing some A Valley Without Wind tonight as soon as I finish writing this post.  Otherwise, I didn’t do as much as I wanted gaming wise.  Oh well.

Instgram Photo of the Day:
Comes from “hipsternathan” and I liked the how the sky looked in this photo.  Its a nice combination of blue and white colors with a subtle background.  Good photo!  🙂

Gaming Photo of the Day:

Procedural generated games make some of the most interesting structures by pure accident and I found this one within one of the A Valley Without Wind building’s rooms.  Had to take a picture of it.

Until next time, which will most likely be Monday, I will talk to you all later and have an awesome weekend!


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