Personal Musing: 4/20/12…

Thank goodness, its friday…

Indeed, it is indeed Friday.  And I for one am quite glad to see it come.  Got a spanish deal done today so I’m rather happy with how that turned out.  Besides that, not much else to say.  Today’s weather was ridiculously good for once.  So good, its actually a bit too warm for my room….which means I’ll need to find a fan real soon if the weather stays like this.  But I welcome this problem.  Its a lot easier to solve than being way too cold to live in my room.  Which fun fact, I have yet to turn on the heater.  Room is that well insulated.  Otherwise, its business as usual then.  I swear I’m forgetting something but its just not coming to mind.  This weekend though is going to be busy busy busy on personal projects though.  🙂

A Valley Without Wind now has its Launch Trailer up, check it out down below:

Really glad to see this come out as well as it has.  Having been involved with the BETA-testing for so many months.  It will be available this Monday on Steam and other websites.

Remember Megaupload getting taken down and many of its staff being arrested with criminal charges?  Well, that trial may never happen.

According to an article, a US judge informed the FBI that the Megaupload website was never formally served with the appropriate paperwork by the US authorities, as it is impossible to serve a foreign company with criminal charges.

Whoops.  Maybe next time we should check our jurisdiction before we try and prosecute criminals eh?  To make things better, the order used to seize Megaupload’s property was declared null and void by the New Zealand High Court because the court order should never have been granted.  Good job there guys.  Way to royally screw up your procedures there.  Megaupload’s CEO lashed out in anger against the US government for destroying his business, believing the corrupt government did this damage which cost 220 jobs to appease Hollywood.  I can’t blame the CEO’s anger.  If all of this comes to nothing and he isn’t found guilty (remember: innocent until proven guilty), the US government will be responsible for destroying a business.  I can’t really say what my feelings are other than really annoyed that this looks like the FBI massively overstepped their bounds.  Which worries me that we will see more of this behavior as the US government tries to exert (and fail) to gain more control over the internet.  But this case isn’t over yet so we shall see what happens…

I’m sure more happened today, but I’ve just been too busy and I want to publish this post already ;).

Personal gaming stuff, I finished up Overlord.  That was an interesting, if rather straightforward game.  I didn’t quite expect the ending though, so I’ll give the game that much.  Dunno if I’ll do a review of it or not.  Its not high on the priority list right now.  We shall see.  So its onto Overlord 2.  I’m trying to get through the back-catalog of games as quickly as I can.  Still playing Tribes Ascend as well, though had a rough day when I was on earlier…just a lot of idiots playing.  Oh well, something you have to expect from online communities once in a while.  On a random side note, Bejeweled for iOS got an update to include Gamecenter in which is nice.  Idk why, but Bejeweled has me hooked.  When I’m on the bus, I can pull it out and play that game for a bit.  Its quite the good mobile game.

Instagram photo of the day:

Mine again, I got this really cool “lens flare” effect today and I liked how it came out.  🙂  Almost like a special effect.  The weather was just really great for photos today.

Game Photo:

A Valley Without Wind photo, that’s me as the larger Skelebot and I was simply scouting around if I remember right.

I do not remember when I took this photo of A Valley Without Wind, but enjoy!

And that’s it, until next time guys…


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