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Its the month of April after all and after the Treks In Scifi podcast, I thought it would only be fitting to cover the Anomaly podcast. So sit back, grab a hot tea, and enjoy this review of the Anomaly podcast…

Anomaly: Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected; an oddity, peculiarity, irregularity, inconsistency, incongruity, a rarity.

The Anomaly podcast is all about the female perspective on the geek culture, whether its TV, movies, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy and much more. Jen and Angela spearhead this endevour to talk about these subjects. I first listened to this show after Jen and Angela advertised on the Treks-in-Sci-fi podcast and its been there in my subscription box since. While it is entirely about the female perspective on what is considered a men culture, they keep the show very open for everyone to get something out of it. I personally quit believing that the geek/nerd “culture” was men-only after I ran into so many women through my travels, *coughs* through the real and digital world many years back. It simply isn’t true. This show is only part of the proof of how wrong that stereotype of geeks is.

What sets this podcast apart:

  • Two co-hosts with a good rapport.
  • Anomaly “Supplemental” mini-shows
  • An active blog written by several people.
  • Unique perspective not heard enough in my opinion.
  • Friendly & Fun atmosphere.
  • “Sometimes monthly” release schedule.
  • Wide range of topics from Sci-fi, Fantasy, Gaming, Theater, and more.
  • Topics also include conventions, renaissance festivals, comics, costuming and even more.

Jen and Angela helm this podcast as two co-hosts and they have a good rapport with each other. The format of the show and how they talk to each other is more like listening in on two good friends talk about a favorite subject. Neither person tries to dominate for the most words spoke and the podcast has a very friendly atmosphere. Each episode focuses on one geeky subject and they talk about the different aspects of it and the general thoughts/perspectives the co-hosts have on that particular subject. Its a fun listen and at about 45mins to an hour an episode, its easy to listen to. And if nothing else, its fun to listen to these sometimes goofy people ;). But that’s the point of Anomaly, to be fun and it clearly shows in each episode. Even the one where they actually watched the Star Wars Christmas Special. I have yet to watch that, but from the horror stories, I am apparently better for not having seen it, especially after that show they did on it xD. The Anomaly staffs consists of Sue, Kasey, Sarah, and Anne as of this posting who host the Supplemental shows as well as write for the blog. You can read about them here, but they do a good job of bringing their unique perspectives to the shows they are on as well.

Anomaly Supplemental is a monthly podcast on a staggered schedule from the main podcast that is hosted by the Anomaly staff that features a solo or round-table of hosts that cover topics not covered by the main show. These co-exist well with the original podcast and keep the content coming. It exists on the main feed of the show. There are also Anomaly Extras, which are shows with extra content from conventions or interviews done by the staff. For a podcast going six years, its impressive at how fresh and well done the podcast feels when listening.

Anomaly, much like TSF, has its own community around it in its blog and forum. Its also has a very active Facebook group community and I see regular posts there on an almost daily basis. I am a member of the Anomaly forum as well, though I don’t often visit, busy schedule and all. I should get around to changing that. The community though is friendly and welcomes people with open arms and the blog is very insightful on various, sometimes more current topics. It would be interesting to see what kind of effect the Anomaly community has had in the internet largely…

The podcast is not an “enhanced podcast”, but has very detailed show notes with pictures & social media links to share the show. It is officially available on iTunes and Stitcher, with links to web-based podcast catchers. The anomaly podcast also contains advertisements for other similar podcasts to the show. They are typically played at the end of each episode and there are quite a few to listen to.

If there is something they could improve on, its ensuring audio quality is always at its highest. Some episodes can be hard to listen to on a rare occasion due to poor mics. Yeah, not a cheap fix, which I understand but it could use some improvement.

The Anomaly Podcast is a well rounded podcast about geeky subjects that does a sound job every month. It sets itself apart on purpose and embraces being an anomaly. The hosts are no slouches and know their stuff and the community is open to everyone that wishes to be a part of the anomaly culture. If your looking for a different perspective on geeky stuff, give them a try.

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