Personal Musing: 4/18/12…

Wednesday’s bumps…

Hmm, what to say about today.  Mostly still getting over my minor cold, its amazing how annoying this thing has been too, it hasn’t sapped my energy or anything, but waking up is downright painful.  Should have drank tea today thinking about that now…well, if I’m not over it by tomorrow I will be.  I need my voice back this Saturday, especially since I have some audio stuff to do.  Today was just work as usual really.  Though I’ve identified some procrastination problems and am in the process of booting them out the door ;).  I’m still ahead of my todo list for once and it looks hauntingly empty right now which is great, but improvement is always good.

Blog wise, not much progress, due to school work but I published a review for TeknoCratik on the recent release of Radiant Defense for mobile devices.  This review went better and I’m happy with how it is.  I’ll just say for this blog I’m hoping to have a podcast review up by the weekend.  Beyond that, can’t promise anything.  It all just depends on my work flow and how the writing comes to me.

Gaming news: Author of an unheard of book series is suing Ubisoft for “copying” his ideas that he wrote in books.  Basically, he is claiming he came up with the idea for the Animus, the centerpiece technology in the Assassin’s Creed series.  Ok, disregarding that trademark laws don’t work that way, apparently how he describes his ideas only barely resembles Ubisoft’s Animus.  And the timing of his suit is after 3 games have already been published by Ubisoft and a fourth one is just about to be released, Assassin’s Creed 3.  He is trying to block AC3 until this suit is worked out.  Personally, I think this guy is an idiot and is wasting time on this.  That or he’s hoping that by doing this, Ubisoft will settle with him just so they can release the game on time.  I doubt Ubisoft has any trouble with delaying AC3, they’ve done it before in the past.  Multiple times.  And are well known for it.  Have fun barking up the wrong tree there dude.

Tech News: I can’t remember much from today being all that important or noteworthy.  The only thing I can think of is that I got to look into the new HTC One X phone for Android.  Its a cool looking phone and seems to work quite smoothly.  The phone and OS look sleek.  So yeah, I’m impressed.  I liked looking into it anyway.  Would I get it if I had a chance?  I’m a bit doubtful, the screen at 4.7″ is a bit big and I’d want to definitely hold that in my hands before I said yes/no.  So there you go.

Instagram photo of the day: mine that I took on a walk.  I just really like how the sky turned out when the sun started to set, adding a filter also enhanced the effect.  I just love making accidentally cool photos :).

Gaming wise, umm, mostly just Radient Defense for the review I did.  I was just too busy/distracted to sink my teeth into anything else today.  Here is a photo from Overlord though:

Just killed this giant rock...giant.

Until next time, I will talk to you soon!


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