Personal Musing: 4/17/12…

Tuesday, tuesday tuesday…

Just another fun day at school really.  Did work and made sure to stay ahead, not really much to talk about.  My stupid cold got worse.  Not a lot of coughing just a very runny nose and a constricted throat.  Really hope this clears up by Saturday…and the weather has been on the crap side too, which is probably why my cold got worse.  Otherwise, not really much to say about today.  It was a good day though, just disregarding being ill and all that fun.  Onto news then?

Read It Later went and changed itself to “Pocket”.  Honestly, I think it was a bad move.  Pocket now looks a lot like the magazine apps currently circulating throughout the iOS app store and to make your app look and feel very similar seems like a bad idea.  Read it Later for those that don’t know was (and is) a service designed to save links you see on the web/social media to, well, read it later.  Useful for those that follow a lot of sharing types.  Apparently now they want us to put it in a pocket…  Right.  And in perhaps a really bad move, Pocket is free for everyone, including those that paid money for it.  That irks me because you have invalidated that money people invested in the app, especially if they bought the app within the last couple of weeks.  I’m really surprised they felt they could do that because I wonder how many refund tickets people are going to throw at Apple?  I bought the app a year ago, so I’m sure my money can’t be refunded at this point.  And it concerns me that they haven’t mentioned their new business practice of generating revenue and state that it will be announced later this year…that’s most concerning.  Suffice it to say, I’m moving entirely over to Instapaper who’s service now works better for me and I don’t have to worry about my investment suddenly not meaning anything.  Plus, I prefer Instapaper’s look to this new magazine look.  Anyway, just my 2 cents there.

Gaming news, the news about Dark Souls for PC continues to spiral and get worse.  All the mumblings from Namco state that this will be a direct from console to PC port and will include Games For Windows Live.  Its like they want this game to fail so they can give an example in the future of why they won’t do PC ports.  Its infuriating to me.  Cmon, publishers, wake up.  The PC crowd will reward you for making good, quality ports to the PC market.  There are so many examples of this that I could go on all night and gahhh, its just.  Publishers.  Stupid.  Its ME3 all over again, except worse.  Totalbiscuit said it best a while back, PC players are like dogs who have gotten kicked too many times and all they want is hot food and a hug.  Its why we bite publishers for making bad games on PC.  I can’t remember which quote the video comes from, but its one of his Mailboxes in the past week.

This day’s Instagram photo comes from talespodcast and its quite an interesting one this time.  Not entirely sure how he did the 4-photo-in-one-design.  But its cool to look at.

This game photo comes from my plays in Tribes Ascend yesterday.  I was going up this mountain side, trying to gain speed and I happened to take this shot.  Its quite a cool shot if you ask me.  I think we lost this game.  Ah well, all’s fun in love and war or something.

Speaking of gaming, nothing to report, been busy all day.

And until next time…


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