Personal Musing: 4/16/12…


I actually must be one of the people that doesn’t absolutely loath Mondays.  Yet.  Granted, its probably because my Mondays are easier than most, and I only have one class.  So I get adjusted to the week easier just based on that, less work, able to wake later, etc.  But that’s just guessing really, maybe I’m just lucky.  Hah.  That said, today was focused on Spanish and getting that squared out for the rest of the week.  I’ll just ignore that the website crashed right in the middle of my final assignment for said Spanish stuff and move on.  Beyond that, it was mostly apartment related cleaning and planning out the rest of the week.  Also, still fighting this stupid minor cold which seems to be in the coughing phase.  The cold hasn’t brought down my energy/enthusiasm thankfully, but its still annoying to deal with it.

Had some text spam today by a local college political bunch in order to get me to vote for them.  (Its election season for the student-run-government-body, or something to that effect).  Was very unhappy with that because I never gave them my phone # and the last thing I need is people spamming up my text messages with political messages.  Email spam is one thing, I can block that.  Text message spam?  I can’t.  Because of AT&T.  I dunno why.  So it gravely concerns me that more and more groups may use this same tactic to get more votes.  I am, after all, on a limited texting plan and can’t block their messages.

I meant to work on some blog-postings over the weekend, but I had a major writers block and only managed to publish the broken review.  Oh well.   But I have some things I need to finish up this week so there will be more content.  :).

Gaming news, EA finally changed Origin so that you could play your games, even if you were banned on the forums for some reason.  Though it should have been that way from the beginning.  Getting banned from your games for being social has to be a violation of consumer rights.  Its like getting cut off from the TV because your political views don’t agree with your cable provider.  However, I still don’t recommend the service and its still on my boycott list, mainly for scanning your hardrive  without your permission and other anti-consumer policies surrounding Origin.  So there’s that.

Tech news….uhh, Western Digital has a new 1TB VelociRaptor HDD which sounds awesome, though at $310 is a really expensive piece of tech.  Still, that means when I eventually upgrade to this tech, it will be cheap :).

Apple, Amazon and book publishers are having an absolute slug fest by all looks of it.  Basically, each accuse each other for raising e-book prices.  At this point, I just wish book authors would just drop publishers and force them to play ball.

Sounds like Google Drive is coming, which is Google’s version of Dropbox.  I have 0.00% interest in it because I think having Gmail, YouTube, Gcal and all those other cloud services through them is enough.  Having my documents synced by them is putting way too many eggs in one basket.  That said, I wish google luck with the service, considering that Dropbox has a lot of 3rd party app support and the other cloud services have been competing for a while now.

My instagram picture of the day (yes, this is now a new feature of Personal Musings :)) is actually not mine, but Rick Moyer’s.  It was such an awesome shot I had to download it.  Click on the picture to go directly to the instagram webpage.  Ever since Instagram came to Android, my Instagram photo feed has exploded with all these great photos.  I can barely keep up.  :).  So to any of my followers/people I’m following, keep up the great shots :D.

Gaming wise, I played quite a bit of Tribes Ascend and Overlord: Raising Hell.  I decided to finish the Overlord series I had purchased years ago.  Its pretty much Pikmin for the PC.  I like it as much as I liked Pikmin and I’m enjoying playing that when I’m soloing.  When friends are on, it seems Tribes is the flavor of the month(s).  😀  I was also doing ridiculously good in Tribes today and my CPU seems to be behaving itself so it was just a really fun day.  Mostly played the Juggernaut with a side of the Doombringer.

My minion army has been ravaging the Dwarven Lands…

 And that’s that.  Busy day, but what isn’t so until next time…


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