Personal Musings: 4/14/12…


Today has been a fairly productive day.  Not as productive as I would have liked, I had to deal with a few tech issues and other fun stuff, but I got stuff done.  Basically, my CPU kept spiking to 100% for no reason that I could determine and I, with the help of MoonshineFox, traced it down to my wireless antenna causing the spike.  Its probably some conflict with the router in question and I decided just to disable the wireless card and call it a day.  It was serving a very unimportant function anyway, simply to allow my iPhone/iPad to control my PC with remote apps but I’m not using the functionality so I dropped it and I’ll wait until I have new equipment to do something more fancy.  Besides all that fun stuff, I went out and spent a few hours just absorbing the sun in while I had the chance.  Weather was just perfect for that today.  mmm….

Blog wise, I just published my Broken Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum.  The review went on longer than I thought it would, but I felt some context as to why I got it in the first place was a good idea.  First game too that I didn’t buy in a bundle of games so that’s something new.  Otherwise, I’m working on posts and doing BETA testing for A Valley Without Wind right now so that keeps me busy.

Also, I published two more episodes in my Let’s Play: Breath of Death VII series.  Nothing more to be said on that, I’m liking the weekly releases.  I had hoped to get a couple more episodes recorded in addition to these, but I’ve been fighting a stuffy nose and what feels like a minor cold so its screwing up my voice.  Hopefully this cold stays minor.  Anyway, enjoy these episodes :).

Ep 5:

Ep 6:

I’ve been enjoying this LP so far…though it looks like the difficulty curve is about to suddenly take a sharp turn so that’ll makes things…difficult.  But that’s the fun of it :).

My favorite Instagram photo today.  I got it just right.  The sun was just nice and pleasant today so I took quite a few shots when I could.

This shot in A Valley Without Wind is me fighting a mini-boss.  Yeah, not so small, I know.  I was already hurting for health by the time I got to this room so this fight was really difficult to avoid dying in.

Other than that, I hope you are all doing well and I’ll talk to you again soon :).


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  1. Tim!! That’s an awesome photo. I’d like a print of it sometime or post to FB & I can copy it from there. Thanks!

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