Personal Musings: 4/13/12…

Ahh, the weekend at last…

You know, test all in one week throws a real wrench in my plans. Oh well, I’ll live. 😉 Today was focused on the spanish test and finishing off my IT assignment. Happy to have those done, means I can “relax” for a couple days. Otherwise, not much else happened today, just spent quite a few hours studying spanish. Real interesting heh. 😉 Oh I guess I learned more about the Muslim religion as well, and it was very interesting to learn what I did. Its good to get insight on religions and why they act the way they do. At least, that’s what I think anyway. Anyway, just throwing that out there, not even really sure why I brought it up here.

Anyway…umm, taking a look through news today, I see that Balsillie, a former RIM co-CEO, wanted to bring Blackberry Messenger to more platforms, namely iOS. While an interesting idea, I think it would have fallen on its face especially with iMessages built into the iOS devices and iMessages has been a rock-solid app on my iPhone/iPad. And for me to trust BBM, not so likely imo. I do wish that iMessages was available on Droid though or something from theirs available on iOS, but so far neither side seems willing to do so. I mean, if you really want to destroy the grip that carriers have on Text messaging, you need to be cross-platform. While iMessages is great for Apple users and its great to be able to communicate from Macs to iPads for free, the lack of any droid integration hampers who I can talk to on it. And I’m rambling at this point so onto the next story.

Apparently Apple’s CEO visited Steam for some unknown reason. That’s pretty much it. If I had to guess….it may have been anything. Really, this story is silly. It could have been anything. Next.

Facebook is supporting CISPA which is the new version of SOPA. Uhh, cute guys. Real cute. >;=( Well, they say they aren’t just straight-up supporting the bill, only certain parts and ask users to trust them….which means I’m keeping a wary eye on them. *sigh*, I wish the government would kindly quit trying to legislate the internet until they know how it actually works….

Bethesda is trying to trademark the Fus-Ro-Dah shout from Skyrim. I think that’s just downright stupid myself, we’re now trademarking shouts. In videogames. What’s next, trademarking speeches in videogames? I really don’t support this move, but then again, I’ve been pretty anti-trademark/copyright/patent here lately, so that probably has a lot to do with it.

Nintendo wants to revive/remake Zelda: A Link to the Past. No. Just…no Nintendo. Although, I guess at this point, that’s all you’ve been doing for the past decade, but at this point, just blatantly remaking a game would disappoint me. I really wish we would focus on original and new games….we don’t need to replicate Hollywood in this matter. But I can’t do anything about it one way or another, I’m no longer on Nintendo’s platforms and have no future plans of being on them either.

Gaming wise, Tribes Ascend, what a shocker right? 😉 No picture tonight either, I didn’t take much but I am quite enjoying the new control-and-hold game mode. Its kinda built for the Juggernaut and the ability to get triple kills is almost too easy :P. But its fun.

Blog wise, should have a broken review up this weekend. Going to be working on some other fairly major posts for the blog, including reviews and musings. No ETA. Haven’t done a musing in a while and I have a couple topics I want to cover so I hope you guys enjoy :). I should also have at least one Let’s Play up tomorrow, maybe more, depends on how things work out.

Until next time, I’ll talk to you all later 🙂


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