Personal Musings: 4/11/12…

And the winds turn again…

Talk about going from high to low to high in 72 hours flat.  Even that’s getting a bit exhausting for me ;).  So I got hired onto a job.  Seems sudden right?  Yeah, it was rather sudden.  Its a computer job for one of the departments at UOregon.  It caught me a bit off guard to suddenly get hired by them, but at the same time they needed a student who wouldn’t get drowned in all the technobabble so I was the right person for them.  It makes me wonder………anyway, so yeah, I start work next month, yeah, a bit later than I want, but beggers can’t be choosers now can they :P.  Thank the Lord I have a job.  Its still kinda odd to think that I’m employed again.  Ok, granted I haven’t been out of the work force for that long but to have an IT job just seems odd…what can I say though, I’m happy to have any job and this one seems to be something promising.

I’m being directly vague about the job because I’m pretty unfamiliar with the whole social-media-policy-about-where-you-work sort of deal and I figured I’d wait until I got started before I “spilled the beans”.  While technically jobs shouldn’t be able to fire you over social media stuff, this latest crap with FB and employers has me on edge for a little bit and the last thing I want to do is jinx the job.  Maybe I’m being overly paranoid, no scratch that, I probably am.  But just work with me on this, you’ll find out in due course.  Until then, you can wait in anticipation as the days go by and you wonder what King has for a job and the itch to find out gets so bad and you come to Oregon to stalk me and then demand I tell you where I’m working or you’ll die out of too much anticipation built up.  Or you’ll just go on with your life.  I’m guessing its the latter.  😉 😛

Umm, let’s see…oh right college….I worked on all three classes today and…..yeah, it was homework, nothing to report.  Moving along…

Google+ completely overhauled its look and functionality today which was rather surprising.  Granted, I was getting tired of the old look.  Compared to Gmail and YouTube, G+ was really starting to look old.  I know the big “controversy” right now is the big amount of white space and the fact that all the content from your feeds is shoved to the left.  I don’t like it, it messes with my sense of equilibrium and it gets worse when I switch between Twitter and Google+.  Also, hiding the majority of the different circles under the “more” tab annoys me, at least let us customize what is shown and what is shoved under the more tab.  That said, I’m assuming Google has plans for that space, it seems like a really bad design decision otherwise and it better not be ads or King will get a tich cranky.  All that said, I like the new look.  Having all the possible people to chat with on the right and hangout stuff is good and being able to customize the left bar is great for those who don’t use certain features of G+.  How posts look and the speed of Google+ is definitely much better than before.  Now if only they could design good mobile apps that don’t suck….btw, overhaul the iPad “mobile” interface already, that is the worst mobile interface for a tablet I’ve ever seen.

Apple is getting sued by the department of justice along with another book publisher for fixing the prices of e-books.  Personally, glad to see it.  The fact that e-books cost $20+, the same as regular books is a bit outrageous and has forced me to quit bothering with e-books for the time being.  It is a bit surprising that Apple isn’t settling out of court like most of the book publishers did, but they believe they are in the right.  Personally, the future is independent publishing.  Amazon is encouraging this more and more and so are other authors.  I’m no book writer, but from what I understand, indie book publishers have a lot more positives than negatives these days.  The biggest negative is that you don’t have a physical book, but I was informed by Jonathan today that Amazon is even looking at providing publishing for printed books for authors that are above a certainly popularity line.  So I’m glad to see it.  We are really in a golden age of independent content.  Musicians, writers, game developers, its an exciting time as we press into the future.

Verizon is now charging $30 for an upgrade sales charge.  So, just because you wish to continue doing business with Verizon, your getting charge $30 to do so.  Wow.  You know, just when I was thinking maybe I should switch over to Verizon, Verizon goes and throws a wrench into that idea with crap like this.  I love the line that the upgrade charge is to “continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect”.  Right, because all the money you make right now isn’t nearly enough for you.  What irritates me more is that I also learned that everyone else does that.  Ugh…maybe I should just consider dropping my iPhone and going to an iPod touch at this point….if only it came with a GPS and 3G and oh wait that’s an iPhone *sob*.  Oh well, I’ll manage one way or another.

No pics today, sorry, was busy.

Not much to say gaming wise either.  School munched all my time.  Maybe tomorrow.

That said, its been a good day today, looking forward to tomorrow and then working in May.  🙂

Until next time…


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