Personal Musings: 4/9/12…

Warm yet calm…

Its been a fairly warm day today.  Today was mostly a focus on Spanish and just studying it and being more involved in class than I was last term.  Its basically forcing myself to speak it more.  I should consider putting my iPhone/iPad on spanish translation for the rest of the term, that might help me learn and I pretty much know the OS inside and out by now.  I might do that…hmm, that’s actually a good idea.  Other than that, not much happened.  Mondays for Winter and Spring Term only have one class so not much happens there.  Oh right, I did study for the art class too, forgot about that, though it was mostly reading so not hard to understand why I forgot.  Heh.  I didn’t forget the material, its stuffed somewhere in my head for later access.

Still, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was about to get a call today and today I did, from the job I got interviewed by last week.  Unfortunately, I could hear it by the end of the first of the sentence that I wasn’t going to get the job and was immediately crushed.  I was not taken on to the pet store I had been interviewed for.  Being without a job for so long is difficult and to lose the chance for some unknown reason is harder.  According to the interviewer, he said I interviewed well and that he would pass my name and info to the other pet stores in the area, so that’s something.  Actually, I’m glad I did well enough to leave an impression, it means that my interviewing skills have some merit.  This is the first job interview I’ve had for a while.  Heh, anyway…I’m still looking and pressing forward.

As far as the blog goes, I finally published my Tribes Ascend (Beta) Review.  This is my longest post I’ve ever done, which surprised even me considering how long the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. COP review was.  I also really like what I’ve done with the post too.  I don’t know if future reviews will be of this length, or any particular length really, I think I’m just going to go with the flow of my writing.  I mean, taking a look at the section 8 one, with the exception of some game mechanics, I don’t think I could have really added to it.  But, in any case, I hope you guys like this one.  🙂  My next review should be just as interesting as this one was.

Tech news, well, the tech media exploded when Instagram announced that they had been bought and taken over by Facebook for a billion dollars.  I gotta admit, for an app development team that did not have any revenue, to get bought for a billion dollars is really impressive.  Wish I could do that, be set for life really.  But that aside, I was pretty much disappointed.  Not angry, just disappointed.  While they claim that Instagram won’t change and that FB won’t be required, we know what has happened to prior dev teams gobbled up by Facebook, heck any other major company.  They eventually get melded into the company and the service is downgraded to that level.  Its why I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I heard Dropbox denied Steve Job’s offer to get bought up for Apple.  I want at least one neutral cloud company that will support as many OSes and hardware platforms as possible among the tech giants of Google, Microsoft, Apple and etc.  It keeps them in check.  In any case, Instagram getting bought up means I’ll be keeping a more wary eye on them and see how things progress.  It will be an interesting journey for them, I’m sure.

Netflix was initially and falsely accused of forming a PAC in order to support SOPA and related bills.  I read the actual statement from Netflix and rolled my eyes, everyone had gone the knee-jerk reaction and accused Netflix of things that they weren’t even doing.  The PAC or political action committee which is called “Flixpac” for netflix, is a committee which is trying to fight for net neutrality, changing the Video Protection Privacy Act to be far less restricting (which I should add is a GOOD thing) and other good internet related things.  It was not to support SOPA related bills.  Read the article, it sums it up better.  Suffice it say, I think Netflix learned the first several times around and they aren’t going to risk another bad PR stunt right now.  So that’s that.

Gaming wise, my focus was on Tribes Ascend today in order to solidify my opinion for the review and get some more screenshots for said review.  Obviously I’m enjoying the game quite a bit.  Not much more to say really.  Oh, here’s a screenshot I took that wasn’t in the review: (two for the price of one!)

Here I was shooting at a pathfinder…I think.  It was that or an infiltrator.  This is the Doombringer class that I unlocked recently.  Big old “tank” with a chaingun designed to defend the flag.  Its quite the interesting class.

Here I was trying to find a pathfinder that had gone up that ramp at the back.

And that’s it really.  I hope you all have a good day and I’ll talk to you again soon…


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