Personal Musings: 4/10/12…

Coming down to earth…

Blegh, that’s pretty much how my day went down today.  Yeah, remember how I said I had two jobs lined up last week?  Down to 0…ugh.  To have that stolen from you is rough.  But what can I do?  Nothing.  Except press on and hope something better comes.  Whatever crazy plan is in store for me must be something else…umm, not much to talk about today.  Class being most of my day.  I felt like I worked all day and yet at the end of it feel very unproductive.  You know, you feel exhausted and tired as if you’ve been running a marathon or something but you look at your todo list and you’ve made maybe a tiny dent in it.  I have those days once in a while and this seems to be one of those.

Blog wise I wanted to work on a review but things distracted me today from that, school and all.  *shrug*.  But I was informed that my review of Tribes Ascend had a few errors in it so I went over it again, completely redid my writing about the gold store and the freemium model, fixed a few facts and some other general things.  I guess with such a large review it isn’t going to be perfect which makes me wonder about the next one I’m currently writing….hmm.  Anyway, the fixes are already done.  I’m still happy with how it turned out.

I don’t recall anything tech wise that grabbed my attention other than it looks like a new iTunes 11 (We’re at 10.6) is being worked on and ofc iOS6 is on its way.  I guess YouTube is experimenting with pay-per-view videos, idk, I wonder how well renting movies has gone.  That will be interesting to watch in any case.  Windows Vista “mainstream” support ends today and I can safely say that didn’t end soon enough.  But that’s mostly because that OS should never have been released in the first place.

I think I’m missing something in gaming news, but I’m afraid it just isn’t coming to me.  Oh well.

Didn’t game today, just no time.  No instagram or game photos either, darn =.

Curious about why I don’t include scores in my review?  This picture from the Tribes Ascend review comments explains why.  I have really nothing more to add to it other than check out the metacritic score on the games you like most and see if you agree with them or not.  I checked today just out of curiosity and I don’t agree with them.  The same can be said for app store reviews on both iOS and Droid.  Anyway, just thought I’d bring that up here on my blog, as it is where my reviews are hosted heh.

Until next time…


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