Personal Musings: 4/7/12…

Ah the weekend…

I love the weekend, just time off.  Until I get a job, then I’m not so sure I’ll love the weekend…hmm…cold harsh reality there…anyway, I’ve been caught up on homework so I mostly worked on personal projects or got some good exercise and took a nap.  Been a fairly calm day today, all things considered.  And….I got a pillow?  Idk, not much to talk about.  Makes me wonder why I wrote this personal musing in the first place….oh right.

I released my first blog post for TeknoCratic yesterday.  Its a review of Air Video for iOS devices, worth a look.  :).  This review was interesting on a few levels, one, an actual App Review I haven’t done in a couple years, and you can’t see that old one because I took it down.  It was…really bad when I looked it over a year ago.  About the same time I went through and updated/refreshed some other reviews as well….anyway.  It was also interesting because writing for a blog that’s not yours requires a different writing style.  But it was fun to do.  🙂

My next two Let’s Play videos are up, #3 and #4.  They’re a bit rough around the edges, but episode 5 should be better, I put more…what’s the word…oh energy into them.  Added new intro titles, though they are works in progress while I try and figure out fancier ones.  All in due time of course.  Other than that, I hope you watch and enjoy them.  :).  Its looking like once a week is how I’m going to schedule these out.  Each episode will be about 15 minutes each.  I know if I try twice a week I’ll probably overwork myself on personal projects so I’m just going to keep this a calm one.  I am still in college after all.

Oh, here’s a picture from Tribes Ascend:

This photo was taken while the guy dropped his flag.  I’m a pathfinder (really fast-moving class).  See that red-triangle in front of me?  The flag for the team gets secured there.  And they secured the flag just in time for me to scoop it up and take it all the way back to the base.  >=)  I wish I had taken a picture when I was on-route, but I was more worried about getting shot in the back xD.

Other than that, tech/gaming news was slow today, which is not surprising and at this point think I won’t mention it on weekend Personal Musing posts from now on unless something “interesting” happens.

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys all have great Easter sundays!


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